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4 Narada Lithium Ion Batteries 48npfc100 on Axpert 5kVa inverter


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7 hours ago, Jaco de Jongh said:

Do you maybe have the data sheet? That can help us a to be able to help you better..

Welcome to the forum Jannie..

Thank you, yes I have, 0the reccomended charging current is 20a, but i have 4 of them and I forgot to say that I have 2 axpert inverters in paralalel as well



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On 2020/10/02 at 4:53 AM, JannieM said:

I have the amps set at 80 now,

Per inverter? 20 A per battery module (C/5) seems very cautious, especially for a maximum figure.


what should the back to discharge voltage be, i currently have it at 56V, and the back to grid voltage at 45V and what should the bulk and float charging wees. 

Despite the manufacturer recommending 54.0 ± 0.5 V, I'd go with the voltages that work best for Pylontechs (which are also 15S LFP).

PylonTech settings.png

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