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Error 6 - Over temperature


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My Renesola / Infinisolar inverter just errored off, with error 6, which is apparently Over temperature alarm.

Hard to argue since it reported 94 degrees 😮


I guess the heat is mainly generated by the actual DC->AC inverter.  

Load shedding started 12. My "essentials" load was around 400W.  The batteries were still charging with about 1700W coming from the panels in total.  going like I say 400W to the essential loads and the rest to the batteries.

I got it going again and the batteries finished charging and its now reporting 77 degrees.

So looks like the cooling is marginal when it is running without the grid.

What do you think - is it just time to shut down, open up and clean out dust?

Fans are definitely working but maybe the air isn't getting where it is needed.

Looking over a long period you can see that the max temp has been getting hotter...




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