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Axpert King and Pylontech: Constantly Charging


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Axpert King 5kW and Pylontech 3.5kW. It seems the inverter is constantly charging as the charging symbol is animated.
No Solar, just using this setup (for now) during Load Shedding.

My settings so far:

05 Battery Type USE
12 Voltage point back to Utility on SBU/SUB 47v
13 Voltage back to battery on SBU/SUB 50v
26 Bulk Charging Voltage (C.V.) 53.2v
27 Floating charging voltage 53.2v
29 COv Low DC cut-off voltage 47v


I used the black communication RJ45 cable which came with the inverter or Battery and I crimped my own according to instructions here.
Not sure which DIP setting to use. I tried both but whenever I set Inverter to PYL battery type I get an error 61. I turned Battery off and on after any changes in connection.
Inverter shows it is charging all the time although I activated Bypass.

10 Operation Logic ECO
23 Bypass Enabled/Disabled/Forbidden BYE



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If you are getting error 61 that means that that the inverter is not communicating with the battery.  Ensure that the cable pin out is correct.  Also ensure that the dip switches are set to 1000.


If the battery icon is flashing it indicates that the inverter is communicating with BMS. The settings above would appear like the standard settings from the Pylontech to the Axpert

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7 hours ago, Bloubul7 said:

The settings above would appear like the standard settings from the Pylontech to the Axpert

These are manufacturer's recommended settings. The battery voltage settings are too high for Axperts to aim for, so find the firum recommended values (52.5V etc).

It might even fix your current problem. What voltage does the battery charge to, according to the inverter?

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Greetings All 


I have installed two Axpert King inverters with pylontech batteries recently and am not impressed.


As soon as the batteries are charged to 100% the inverter kicks off the grid and runs on batteries for a few seconds and then back to grid which charges the batteries again and then repeats the whole day.



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