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New Growatt SPF 3000TL HVM-24 - Need assistance please?


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Greetings to all. :D
I have purchased this inverter and it was installed for me with 2 x 100ah AGM batteries. I do not have any solar panels and use only utility power.
What are the best settings to use? At the moment the batteries are always charging and the fan is always running at high speed (the second light is always flashing green).
Intermittently the second green light will stay on for less than a minute and the fan will slow down. In less than a minute the green light will once again indicate the battery is charging and the fan will speed up again.
Is there a setting that can be changed so that the battery will not continuously be charging and thus the fan be quieter for longer periods when the utility is providing power?
Your assistance will be much appreciated. 😉
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This has been a major annoyance of mine.  I have the same model.

It has nothing to do with load on the inverter - i am currently using the inverter (loadshedding at present) with a draw of about 300W and the inverter is QUIETER than when there is no loadshedding, no draw (0W) and batteries are at 100%.  In this instance the inverter should just be in trickle charge mode - with barely any cooling necessary - but it blasts it fans on full. 

Any feedback that resolves this issue for a Growatt SPF 3000TL HVM-24 would be well received.

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