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Upgrading Fans Sunsynk 8k

Guss Davey

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I guess the fans are the same type used in PCs?

Is there a way to upgrade them to better ones, as we do for our PC (better bearings, quieter blade designs etc)The inverter is in the room next to my study, and with the doors close, I still hear the buzz when the inverter is working hard.

Any recommendations?


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The question is, upgrading these to PC "quiet" design fans. Fans like this: https://www.quietpc.com/80mmfans

The question then is:

12V - Yes / No
Any minimum CFM recommended?

I guess that just putting vibration dampers on the current ones will already make a huge difference. Most of the noise most likely coming from the sheet metal/vibration.

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The best would be to open up the unit and get the specifications for the stock fans.

By the sound of them they are high RPM and PVM controlled.  You will have to replace them with fans with a similiar RPM rating rating to avoid the system picking up "fan stuck" errors.

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