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  1. Hi Jason Just did something quick and dirty. 25x25x1.6 square aluminium tubing (dead cheap). Connect-it connectors to join everything together. Will later wrap the whole thing in a PVC cover (with enough ventilation) If your frame will have feet to the floor, the 25x25x1.6 alu sq tube is good. If its going to float off the ground, just with wall fastening, this structure is too lightweight. I would then (floating / no ground legs) rather go mild steel, 25 x 25 x 2, all welded and then also do not forget about the height of the wall fasteners head...
  2. Here is an example on Knysna municipality SSEG rules:
  3. Below is the Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) rules for the district of Knysna. SSEG refers in this instance to consumers who wish to fit a Solar generation plant (PV plant) to supplement their energy consumption by harvesting solar energy for their own use. These systems are generally Grid Tied to the municipal network allowing the consumer to draw energy (electricity kWh or Units) from the municipal network when their PV plant does not produce enough energy for their use. In the opposite case where the PV plant is producing more energy than the consumer is using this excess ene
  4. The question is, upgrading these to PC "quiet" design fans. Fans like this: https://www.quietpc.com/80mmfans The question then is: 12V - Yes / No Any minimum CFM recommended? I guess that just putting vibration dampers on the current ones will already make a huge difference. Most of the noise most likely coming from the sheet metal/vibration.
  5. I guess the fans are the same type used in PCs? Is there a way to upgrade them to better ones, as we do for our PC (better bearings, quieter blade designs etc)The inverter is in the room next to my study, and with the doors close, I still hear the buzz when the inverter is working hard. Any recommendations? https://youtu.be/kXMLx5VACwk
  6. I guess I can't ask for better. There is 7 x 405's on the east face of the roof, and 7 x 405's on the west face roof. Hitting 2.8kw already early morning.
  7. ...mmh, I'm not an electrical guy, so not sure what to look for. Is this maybe what you referring to:
  8. Thanks, I figured this out (your message). Got my Wifi Dongle now, and updated to the latest firmware, and now I see everything as expected.
  9. Have lots to learn... will keep that for last. I get it.... the not wired switch "switch" is detected by HA, and then you do whatever you want with it.... Tx
  10. That one I have covered. 1kg of beans per week for 2 people. Jira Z6 coffee machine............ BUT NOT MUCH HOME AUTOMATION..... ... Don't go... I have more questions for Bloubul7. I also want to end up where I do not know what to automate further.... "Ek het gewoontlik nie 'n probleem met die bulle nie, maar hul ondersteuners is n ander saak." - In your case, I will keep my mouth shut Here then a new set of questions: EACHEN Wifi Smart Light Switches Can they also be flushed? Do they work out of the box with HA, or only when flushed? What about where you have
  11. Can you flash all Sonoff devices with Tasmota, or do I have to be careful about which Sonoff devices I buy?
  12. Any opinions regarding the South African brand called QwikSwitch? https://qwikswitch.co.za/ https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1883/0535/files/QwikSwitch_Residential_Catalogue_2019.pdf?403 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1883/0535/files/QwikSwitch_Industrial_Catalogue_2019.pdf?400
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