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3 phase borehole pump


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So I've got an important dilemma. 

Currently using a 3 phase borehole pump but loving the rabbit hole that is solar power. 

Currently using an axpert. But moving to sunsynk. 

So the question is do I try source another 2x axpert and retain the 3 phase pump or buy a single phase pump and get the 8kw sunsynk (or perhaps try get away with the 5kw)?

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The question is, why do you have a 3 phase pump in the first place? Is the motor size such that you only have a 3 phase option?

What size is the 3 phase motor of the pump? You have to allow for inrush current to start the pump. So how many amps does the pump draw in normal running mode? Once you know that, you can then approximate the start up current draw to then work out how much inverter you need to start that load. A soft starter is your friend.

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I have the same requirement. I have been told that a 3 phase pump is much more energy efficient than a single phase. I don't understand why though. Apparently one gets a device that converts single phase to 3 phase? I can only imagine that involves energy loss. Also, replacing the pump with a single phase will cost close to R70 000 so I'm also caught in the dilemma!

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