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Battery egulations


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Sorry if this has been posted before, I was just not able to find anything, and after a few minutes of searching, I decided to post the question.


Is the any regulations on where you can store to batteries for a off grid installation,

For instance, I have 2 pylontech 3500B batteries with a 5kva inverter. Would I be able to install this inside a house, say under a staircase? or would it have to be installed in a garage or in a Containment room? 

Besides the noise of the inverter fans, would this be safe to do.

Thank you in advance

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I am unaware of any such regulations in SANS - possibly may be in some municipalities but I would be surprised. (Non-sealed lead acid batteries would certainly need ventilation)

One thing to beware of: putting your inverter in a small unventilated space could lead to very high ambient temperatures.  That would be bad for the life expectancy of the inverter and especially the Pylons.


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I’m also unaware of regulations of where to install batteries in a household situation, but I would think it needs consideration as it can cause a fire if it’s short circuited or in the wrong location.

I realized with my own batteries to keep the positives and negatives protected so that kids or animals cannot easily access it. Someone could accidentally place something conductive on top of the batteries and cause a fire. Or in my case my dogs like chewing things. The best is to have them enclosed but still ventilated. Just my 2c.

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