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3x 8Kw Sunsynk single phase

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Hi all. This is my first and very big install. I am putting 20x 455W panels per Sunsynk. Splitting to 2 strings (5 in series and those 2 in parallel). 
In total 60 panels, 3x Sunsynk 8Kw inverters and 3x 30 Kva Freedom won batteries. I can’t find any info how to program Sunsynk to run master and slaves. 

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On 2021/02/23 at 6:37 AM, Rynobez said:

Not yet. I am allmost finished with installation. Will let you know in a day or 2. 





Hi there. 

that’s a really big system. I have 1 concern though. I think the inverters are too close together and there’s not enough spacing between them. 

I am planning to install a second 5 kw sunsynk in parallel and have been trying to find the minimum spacing and I have seen in some manual 1m, others have told me 0.5m. Yours looks like 10 or 15cm. 

Remember the 8 kw units have fans on the sides and blow from left to right so one of the top 2 units are going to overheat unless your have some sort of active cooling in the room. 

Please check this point before continuing as the inverters are known to get a bit warm at times and the fans come on often when under load. 

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