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Hybrid Grid Tied Inverter


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I am planning to install a new solar system and is looking at a a grid tied inverter with battery backup. My current inverter is a 5kW Axpert inverter and it works perfectly, however, I thought while I am upgrading to get at least a 8kW Inverter. I further want to be able to at least read the inverter data into Home Assistant to do my home automations based on my inverter status. At the moment I think I have narrowed it down to two inverters but will consider other options if it comes recommended:

1. Solaredge Storedge inverter

2. Synsynk Inverter

The main advantages of the Solaredge is the 12 year or longer guarantee and the exiting Home Assistant Integration. However, I am not sure what I will be able to see in Home Assistant. My concern is that there are not many suppliers of the Storedge Inverter and non (that I can find) that supply more than 5kW.

The 8kW Sunsynk Inverter is widely available but the guarantee is not as long as the Storedge and there is no standard integration for Home Assistant

Are there anybody that have experience with these inverters or another grid tied inverter that can give me advice and assist me in making a decision


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1 hour ago, Buyeye said:

I don't think you can go wrong with either. Both are great options the next step is finding an installer who does both and take it from there. Unless you were going to DIY it.

Thanks. I will do the installation myself. Do you know of a supplier where I can get the 8kW storedge inverter 

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