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Sunsynk Settings - System Mode and Battery Setup


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Hi also new to this. UK based . 3.6 Kw Sunsynk inverter. 10.24 kw Sunsynk battery. Confused by menu. I have a Time of use tariff. Cheap electric 00:30-4.30. First issue is that timing only run on one hour slots.

Have set to charge from grid between 1-3am, so missing out on 1 the of cheap tariff.  Only seems to charge at 2kw and reaches 6-7kw at end of that slot. So second issue. Why is it not charging at 3.6kw.

System was retro fitted to existing panels (4kw) with own solar edge inverter. Data about generation is not displayed on the Sunsynk menu. Not sure if there is a way to rectify that without interfering with the feed in tariff.

Lastly there is a long distance (25m) from garage where batteries installed to main incomer, so CT coil wire runs through underground conduit extended with UTP network cable. Getting weird results during day. Lots of power being sent to grid from panels rather than to battery. 

I only want solar export when battery full. Note feed in tariff in uk pays based mainly on generation. The export element is paid based on guesstimate that 50% of generation is exported. But it pays on both elements even if nothing is exported, hence need to minimise exports. 

I would welcome some advice on system mode page and battery setup. 

Also heard Keith Gough mention alternative to CT coil using a meter. 

Advice would be much appreciated. 


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