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  1. @plonkster Thanks for this. Checked this morning. Mine has a round bolt. Have contacted my installer. Will take it up with them further.
  2. How can I check if I have a faulty one? Mine was installed last year end July, so I might have the faulty version. I have seen a few times the overload issue, With my batteries at around 30%. I have notified my installer but he said he did not see anything wrong. And with what happened the other day when loadshedding started and my inverted did not switch over, maybe it is related to a faulty unit.
  3. Hi Guys, Last night when we load shedding started at my house, my Multiplus II did not "activate" ie, power went off, but it did not kick in. When I went to investigate. It showed that the batteries was low, the red light flashing next to the battery low on inverter, but the batteries, 2 x polyntech's 3500 were at 88% full. I did charged the batteries during the day, from Eskom, as with all the clouds the last 5 days, here in Centurion it was "empty" (45%). My SOC is usually set at 30%. but with the clouds around it increased it to 45% I then went to switch off the inverter for
  4. You can get the raw data from dbus Or can also download the data that is send to Vrm from the Vrm portal under advanced menu option. There is a little download icon top right hand side to download data in csv format. Start here to get access to your Venus device https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ccgx:root_access. Follow the links in the post. Also once you have access use this little tool, it will help you a lot. https://github.com/victronenergy/dbus-spy Hope it helps, Enjoy!
  5. Yesterday was my best yet, in Gauteng, how was yours? Just wondering...
  6. Maybe this way, thoughts below? I know did not the install myself, so the above setup seems to be what was done, I think. Also I know I have two strings coming down split equally, I think, because it go's to two fuses, to from their to the MPPT. This is what I see on VRM:
  7. Yeah, this is great.. Have it running :)... This open lots of possibilities.... Play time.... Thanks for this, Ok I have to work, but will start doing some research. BTW, I added a retry function to your pvoutput.org script, busy testing it, post message would fail after a few days, hopefully the retry will work. New to python, but learning in spare time.
  8. Yeah, would have like there to be an option to change you nick...., see you cannot change it on the community site. [Edit] I see you can, Under "My Preferences" change Real Name to your nickname.
  9. @plonkster, I see a similar question was already asked in the Victron community, https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/212/ess-suggestion-for-better-battery-use.html, about max discharge, Have you seen it before?
  10. Nope, would never think that it is. I also get regalar request in programming todo something at work, because it is easy, l always say log a request, and it will be investigated. Even if the requester(usually a manager or The boss) think it is a 5 minute task, it ends up 10 hours of work... and sometimes not... . Then 5 bugs later after testing, because everything is "related", you think why do people think sometimes 1 liner requests is simple todo. . As you put it, the details seems very intricate, and you need to understand the complete design. I will put the suggestion
  11. @plonkster I was thinking, to overcome the discharge of battery when using a high powered device, like a geyser & oven, how about adding a max discharge value for battery setting in ess, when you hit it, it switches to a "scheduled charging mode X" with grid available? So pseudo : If (grid available and current usage > than threshold set in ess) Set schedule charging mode X on do normal Else Switchoff schedule charging mode X off Do normal End Just an idea? .
  12. Some important learning usage as a newbie: First thing that I learned is that when your geyser is on and connected on your non-essential load DB, but the Grid is still available, ie no power failure, then it will still use the battery power to operate, if no/some PV (solar) power is available. Let me explain: Say for instance it is 17:00 in the afternoon, your PV generation is generating 500w but you have set your Geyser to switch also on at 17:00 to warm the water for two hours to be able to to bath/shower your children etc, and your battery is fully charged from your PV system, yo
  13. My installation started in June 2019, but the actual process started in February 2019. The installation: Victron Multipuls II 48/5000 1xVictron MPPT 150/85 1x Victron Color Control GX 2 x US3000 Pylontech Li-Ion Batteries 16 x 330w Tier 1 Solar Panels 1 x ET112 Energy Meter 2 x Timers for my geysers 1 x "new" Non-essential DB I chose Victron mostly of what I read here on the forum, and also because I felt the Invertor is the best "value" for money compared to the more expensive "German" makes and cheaper "Chin
  14. I added my generation output to dvoutput.org, I used @plonkster pythons script and implemented weather and voltage data. Thanks @plonkster ! (I did send you a merge request :), if you want to merge the code) You can find the details here: https://github.com/isimobile/dbus-pvoutput It was my first attempt at using Python, but hopefully it works. You just need to change the values in the config.ini file and copy both files onto you ccgx (*gx) or venus gx (*gx). If you have enabled ssh access on your *gx as well as setup a password you are good to go, otherwise setup these items
  15. Yes, my battery does show. Have a look here for the polyntech setup. https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:start maybe it can help?
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