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  1. Can always add fronius in the future and run a mini grid system , this is how I would expand on mine if I did .
  2. @oddysee I have a 3kva victron and solar MD 7.4kwh battery . I have been very happy thus far and cycle my battery every night . On a decent sunny day I generate just over 21kwh .
  3. I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for @NoordSolar ?
  4. @deapsquatter I had a very similar issue that started last week . i did a full power down and system reboot and it's back to normal .
  5. My smart switch is used to switch a single phase 25A contactor , I would not reccomend using a sonoff to switch without a secondary contactor or solid state relay.
  6. I'll be holding thumbs for you ! I'm sure you are going to see an improvement.
  7. @PaBz0r what has your highest daily yield been so far ?
  8. On my 7.4kWh I discharge it to 10% daily so around 6.5kwh used to power my home from 10PM untill morning.
  9. @Ironman I did a very similar install ! You wont go wrong with the 5kva it seems so cost about R8k more than the 3kva . Do you have a view on your daily and monthly KWH used currently ? I would also reccomend looking at solar MD lithium as an option , I have been very happy with their product and technical support.
  10. So I have had my first full month with the system so thought I would share . This is supposed to be the lowest yield month of the year in Durban so I'm quite happy with the result .
  11. Ok so I found an example from my logs , here you see the battery reach 100% and the PV yield drop .
  12. @Kilowatt your inverter will only make use of 2400w . I use my battery during the evenings this allows for extra capacity to be used . 2400w for the house load and 1000w to charge battery .
  13. https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:solar_md Solar MD have updated documentation on their Victron setup so thought I would share .
  14. Thanks gents , yes all cables run through the rear on my install . You can get a housing from most electrical suppliers and machine the lid .
  15. @Hannes7212 I wish I could help here , this was a home DIY and my first solar project. @plonkster might know of an installer that can assist ?
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