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  1. Hi I control my pool pump via home assistant and mqtt. I added sonoff dual into the pump elec box. It controls the light and pump. I also have a temp module in the weir that tells me water temp. The pool pump works with sunrise and runs multiple times during the day.
  2. I see the temp inside the tube as a work around. There are three wires from the controller that connect to the panel. A 12v, a neutral and a data wire. The data wire is two way. My aim is to intercept the data via that data wire and then mimic the calls to change temp, put on the pump and also be able to read data like error codes, temp sensor values and states of pump and heating. I want to be able to remove the panel completely and then replace with a D1 mini and then integrate into home assistant via MQTT. If anyone has been able to reverse engineer this then pleas
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