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  1. I'm very far from knowledgeable enough to give you such advice, but there's a lot of people with wealth of knowledge, hopefully some will be able to answer accurately.
  2. Hi I'm going to put only the plugs and light circuits on the inverter, except the air-cons and stove and geyser, so we are talking about maybe: +/- 10 x led lights, (70w x +/- 4 hours a day. = 0.28kw/h) 1 x microwave that's very rarely used. (900w x 0.5 hours a day. = 0.5kw/h) 1 x led tv with hifi system. (300w x +/- 4 hours a day. = 1.2kw/h) 2 x cellphone chargers. 1 x pc. (150w x +/- 1 hours a day. = 0.15kw/h) 1 x wifi router. 1 x fridge freezer combo. (360w x +/- 6 hours a day. = 2.1kw/h) 1 x chest freezer. (300w x +/- 6 hours a day. = 1.8kw/h) hair dryer being used very seldom. later on I will expand to 2 kva inverters running in parallel, if the system can not handle the 0.25kw pressure pump (0.25 x 2hrs/day = 0.5kw/h) and 0.75kw (0.75 x 2hrs/day = 1.5kw/h) pool pump, running only when PV is sufficient. so in total we looking at +/- 8kw of load, but it will never be that much at any giving time, as well my calculations might be wrong as well. Hope I could answer what you were looking for.
  3. So with the lock down and everything, it seems my installation is on hold, even tough I would have done 99% of it myself. Hopefully I can manage not to spend the funds on other stuff. Just wondering how soon the Axpert King and Pylon batteries will be in stock in RSA again (and even then how long before it could be delivered to the public). Good luck for the difficult times ahead especially for the guys with their small businesses. Hope you all survive this economy of the years to follow. SA wont be the same without you.
  4. " except for when the inverter is overloaded. Then its can't blend grid and PV/battery power." In this case it would go in "bypass" mode supplying the total load from the grid, and back to "normal" when load is in acceptable level again? As for the rest of my planned system, does everything seem to be in order? Thank you for the reply.
  5. Good day to all. I've been reading countless post on this forum for couple of weeks now, and wow, what a source of great information. Basically I'm planning to install a Hybrid inverter system, initial plan was to install an Axpert King 5kVA, with 2x Pylontech us3000 battery pack, just to cover the prince off darkness effect. I will split the db into two parts, first part would be the "earth leakage and main switch" with the breakers for "heavy loads" (Geyser, stove & air-cons) and the supply breaker TO inverter, supplied from ESKOM. Second part would be the breaker for inverter OUTPUT to supply the plugs (wall sockets) and lights circuits, would also have a chop over breaker for this part of db (for servicing the inverter). I then decided to get any real benefit from such installation, I would need to add solar PV to the system, so to use less ESKOM power when solar is available. Main reason on deciding on the Axpert King is, the price and the ability to blend grid power with solar and battery power (even though is marketed as an OFF GRID inverter) when needed, as opposed to change over to grid entirely for the load and solar only charging batteries in that time. I hope my understanding of this is correct. Also hope that the solar dipping and freezing is sorted. Intended system as planed so far: +/- 4000w solar panels, with combiner box for surge arresters and dc breakers. Axpert King 5kVA inverter. 2 x Pylontech us3000 batteries or 3 x Pylontech us2000b batteries. Any and all advice on what I might have mis-undersood would be greatly appreciated. I hope my post makes sense to the people who really knows this systems, so that I can be corrected where I'm wrong. I also decided on this setup for the ability to add another inverter in parallel if needed. Thank you all for the wealth of information you're making available.
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