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  1. The guys were allowed clean and prep back in 2017. I got quotes from 3 large independent licensed asbestos contractors back then. Wilcote are (maybe WAS now with new regulations) a national asbestos contractor. Asbestos Abatement Regulations - 10 November 2020 No. 43893 - These regulations repealed the 2001 regulations. A lot of people are recommending these. I must do some research, thanks.
  2. Hmm. And I just received my two shiny new US3000C. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. When it rains it pours... My house has an asbestos roof (like thousands of other houses, schools, hospitals, etc.) and I got Wilcote in to refurbish it 4 years ago. I was told that it would now last for a very long time and their products have a 10 year guarantee. Well, the paint has thinned and lichen is growing through. I emailed pictures and called them and now they say that the government changed the asbestos regulations in NOV 2020 and they can no longer clean or prepare the roof. Government is trying to eradicate it. I said it looks like they didn't clean and prepare it pr
  4. Ma se chops! Ok cool. Maybe I'll leave it alone for now. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. It's too much of a mission, and I have limited space so it will be flat on the roof. The place I bought is +-45 years old so the old plans I was given, don't indicate the roof pitch. I got into the roof and worked it out, a healthy 15 degrees... It's dam low. You have to crawl around in there. So I am going to put 1 string of 7 panels on that 15 degree roof facing 310 degrees (almost NW) and then 1 string of 7 panels on a new steel structure facing 40 degrees (almost NE). But, I'm not sure what the best pitch is for the new steel structure. PVWatts tells me 25 degrees gets
  6. Thanks a lot for all the information everyone. You've convinced me, I'm going with the 8kw unit. I have a GrainFather as well, so I don't want my brew day being screwed up
  7. Hi Achmat, Thanks very much. Awesome. Living on the south coast means LOTS of wind. But I was told the turbines are dam noisy. Is your geyser on the aux output and not using battery power? e.g. Night time or Eskom is down. Maybe I should just cough up for the 8kw and do something like that.
  8. Ah, I forgot that the SolarElectricityHandbook.com Solar Irradiance calculator said my panels should be at 56 degrees for "Optimal Year Round" irradiance. If I build a carport type structure for the panels (which doubles as entertainment area) then that is one hell of a pitch on the roof. It would look better to have a flat roof and then just mount the panels at an angle?
  9. Good evening all, I'm new to the crazy world that is solar. I'm looking at getting my first system installed and my word, there is a [email protected] load to learn. - I stay on the south coast in the EC - I have an asbestos roof that faces approximately NW and SE. It is a very low pitch, I would guess below 20. The old building plans I found don't indicate what it is. - I have a large rear garden where I could build a NE facing structure (that could double as an entertainment area). The wall is 8.8m across and there is about 18m of grass to the shed. I can't go too close to the shed bec
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