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Axpert using batteries when Solar and Utility is available

Andre Kruger

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Hi Everyone

can anyone help me with this, why is my inverter (Axpert King 5KW) using the batteries to power loads when there is sufficient solar and utility (Eskom) power available? i have looked at the settings and as far as possible i set it to not use the batteries unless solar and eskom is zero.

Am i missing something here??





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4 hours ago, P1000 said:

it is indeed using solar and charging the batteries (battery watts is negative)...

? But battery charging current is zero, and battery discharge current is 8 A.

Yes, battery power is negative, but what that means depends on the convention used.

There is no way that 2037 W of PV is supplying the load of 2246 W plus hundreds of watts of battery charging.

Absolute battery power plus PV power is 432 + 2037 = 2469 W, enough for 2246 W of output plus 223 W of losses. That's about 50 W of idle power draw plus 173 W of inverter loss, or or about  173/2246 = 7.7% loss, or 92.3% efficiency. That's about right; the firmware itself uses an inverter efficiency estimate of 93%.

So OP is correct; in this configuration, it is using battery power when presumably it could be using more PV power.

4 hours ago, Andre Kruger said:

there is sufficient solar and utility (Eskom) power available

Was there definitely more than 2037 W of PV available at the time? For example, was it sunny, are the panels in ideal orientation and tilt and of sufficient number? I see that the PV voltage is around 75 V, so it's definitely not too high or too low.

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