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Wanted: Raspberry Pi3 B+


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Item Wanted: Raspberry Pi3 B+ or Raspberry Pi3 3B or.... Pi 4: older boards only -  version 1.2 and 1.3.

Packaging Essential: Prefer to collect in Jhb so no packaging required

Desired Age: Not important

Location: Jhb

Willing to accept a shipped item: Prefer to collect in Jhb

Ballpark/Budget Amount: PM me

Reason: Want it to run VenusOS and the newest Pi4 boards are not supported

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33 minutes ago, isetech said:

I wish you luck ... I managed to find a Pi3B+ only because I contacted the company direct ... they loaded the item and all 6 units were sold by the time I looged back in to buy the other 5.

Isetech, I did like you did and phoned the company and they scrounged around and.... they found a Pi (next to the chips ? 😁) for me. 

It is the red and white case but that not too serious. Thanks for the advice 👍

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18 hours ago, 87 Dream said:

Massive Micro chip shortage guys... situation not improving & pricing climbing.


Agreed, that is why when the sales chap I spoke said he had 1x kit left I ordered it and jumped in the car to go fetch it !

Nobody (Communica, MicroRotics, PiShop etc) has stock and worse they don't know when stock will be arriving. Same applies to Pi4. 



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