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Wiring advise: Deye 8K Inverter + 2 Shoto 5.12kWh LiFePO4

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Hi All,


Please can you assist me with the correct wiring of the the setup mentioned.

To avoid you having to edit photos, I added labels to assist in making the links. (You're still welcome to edit and post again)

eg: A - B, C - F etc. Please also add the dip switch configuration.

MANY thanks!


Shoto Battery Configuration.png

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Let me give this a shot!!

First, setup Battery P1 as master thus A = 10000000

then Battery P2 is slave, thus I = 01000000

(or as instructed by the manual)


Can cable (supplied with Inv): Q - B

Next ordinary LAN cable C - L

Next 2 interlinking DC (35mm2 - to handle >50A):

F - N (for +)

G - O (for -)

DC supply to Inverter (70mm2 - to handle >100A)

Note: Both pairs of cables to be the same length

(For +) S - E (and via 200A fused breaker a la Keto or Jean Muller)

(For -) R - P (and via 200A fused breaker a la Keto or Jean Muller)

Note: Do not connect + & - to the same battery, else one battery will always work harder than the other

Optional for monitoring (if you don't have the new dongle - not the Wifi one): The SunSync support is, not sure if the Deye does, seeing they are "brothers"

From RS485 to RPi with RS485 to USB cable

From Rs485 port D on Battery P1 to RPi with RS485 to USB cable (also optional, else you can use the inverter values)

This obviously requires a RPi (3B+ or higher) with good USB PSU

solar-assistant software.



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2 minutes ago, Georg Ritschl said:

What about the dip switch setting? I have put them to 10000000 on the first and 01000000 on the second battery, but my Deye doesn't pick up the BMS of the batteries. So for now I run them on voltage, knowing that this is not ideal. 



Did you restart the batteries after changing the dipswitches?


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