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Home UPS systems


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Hi guys,


Anyone know where I can buy a UPS system for home appliance use ?


Basically I need a UPS to power 2 x (A++ ) Fridges and 2 x (A++ ) Freezers and about a kw of LED lights.


Anything from 3kw-5kw is the requirement.


I've got 6 x 12v200ah Lead Acid GEL batteries ready to provide some power.



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1kW of lights? - if those are LED's, then which Province are you lighting up?😆

A good 2-3kW UPS with extra batteries can handle that if just UPS needed. Depends on the time needed and whether they all might kick in at once.

The absolute cheapest option is to go for the Mecer type invertor (1400W or better) that you can buy with an extra battery box. I use one at my office and it works brilliantly (purchased at Makro with decent batteries for around R8k, far too much but not my call)... Will do either your lights or fridges for possibly 3-4 hours (so 2 of them needed)

If you really want to be covered 99%+, then you need to get proper kit, but this comes at a price.

An Axpert 5kVA hybrid type (or equivalent) is designed for Solar Panels addition, but works very well even as a UPS and can handle quite a large load. The negative is that you have to give it 48VDC in batteries. It makes a very good UPS and for the most part often comes in cheaper than good quality 5kVA UPS, and later you can supplement some solar panels. Decent enough entry to the Solar world. Note: can also look at the 24VDC 2-3kW setup, but then the costing doesn't make sense in my mind (personal opinion)

If money is not an issue, then do not even play around... Go for the Victron stuff (on this forum it is the Blue Wave:D) and get it specced properly by a decent installer. That stuff almost never breaks and a good installer will also give you decent advice about batteries and maintenance. It will cost you a bit more than a few pennies, but it genuinely is the best product around in the SA market (honestly, I can't even afford it).

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