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Solarman Question


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Hi Everyone

Looking for some advice on Solarman App's etc as it is rather confusing with all the different versions etc and am not sure how they work.

I recently upgraded from a Sunsynk 8kw to at DEYE 16kw inverter. 

I was using a Solarman Dongle on the Sunsynk (I do have a  Sunsynk dongle as well) and thought it would be easiest to just use that one on my DEYE 16kw inverter. 

The original account was setup by my installer using the Smart.SolarmanPV app 

I am however unable to change my "System Work Mode" settings, or can't find the place to change them if they are there. Something that I have been able to do on the Sunsynk dongle with my 8kw Sunsynk Inverter.


- Can I change my "System Work Mode" settings using Solarman? 

- Do I need to change to the Pro or Business versions of the app to be able to do this? 

- If so, can I migrate all my data with me if I change to the Pro or Business versions as they appear to be different logins etc. 

Any other suggestions you may have are welcome, basically I would like to be able to change my inverter settings using the app (I am working on doing it through the ESPhome integration) 

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Yes you can change settings using Solarman - you DO need to get either your installer or the Deye support to enable this for you - its not on by default


You do need Business / Pro - you can't do this on Smart

Not sure if you can migrate data - best would be to check with Deye on this

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