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Grid Tied Inverter

Allen Hobson

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Ok So that did not work !! :angry:


Bought a small set of royal batteries just to get these 3 Axperts to pull power from the panels (As my previous bank was end of life).... But alas, It seems everything needs to go through the batteries irrespective.

So its pulled them flat twice already today...

I need another Solution from the Gurus please...

True Grid Tie, No Batteries... I want to pull Maximum power from 7kw array during day and move to Grid seamlessy at night or low solar power...

Needs to take Generator for Power Outages. hich are few and far between

Thoughts please ?

3 brand new, just installed 04 APR 2018 Axpert 5kw Inverters for sale :(


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I prefer SMA grid tied inverters. Why? They have been around for a very very long time.

Others will give more ideas.

IF Little Falls has no grid tie regulations in place yet, I would look at CoCT's regulations ito what inverters, regulations are to be met.

However, IF you are buying direct from Eskom, not local municipality, then you are not allowed to go grid tied. 

Bottom line: Just make SURE you dot all the T's and cross all the I's when you go grid tie system. 

(spot the mistakes :D - don't make them going grid tied)


Here is a alternative thought.

I have a very small system by design. Solar powered UPS if you want to give it a name. Idea is I want to use all the power daytime and Eskom only when the BMV SOC is say 80%.

So I had a box built that if the SOC goes below say 80%, that relay in the BMV switches, which in turn switches the entire system back to Eskom. 

Because there is a 1 sec gap, no faster relays, I have to have a UPS.

Must also add, the 2 Victron MPPT controllers (2 arrays) helps to ensure the batteries are not overcharged  under full load, as they balance it all nicely when the system is on float, yet inverter pushes out 750w, sometimes more.

Here is what I did, to protect the batteries, yet get the full power from the panels.


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Use a GTI with a limiter on, thereby no exporting. Most SMA's and Microcare, Fronious and a host of others out there or a true hybrid - Goodwe or Imeon or maybe just Goodwe and you can use the Royals in an outage time and disable RTG if need be.

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45 minutes ago, Allen Hobson said:

Dont care for sending back to the grid, ...

If you connect to the grid, there are rules and regulations to protect people working on the grid when it goes off, and your system still pushes power back onto the grid.

We've been down this round many times here on the forum. :-) 

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What about a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter? They have optimisers per panel and when using there meter it will prevent feeding back into the grid.

I dont think anyone on the forum uses them, they have a 12 year warranty on the inverter and a 25 year warranty on the optimisers.

Makro is using the SolarEdge system for their stores

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36 minutes ago, Allen Hobson said:

Supplier is going to take back the 3 axperts and supply 2 X Solis 3.6kw with limiters and wifi etc.

Give that supplier a Bells!!!

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Yup, I am so disappointed in that company's response. No comms, just directly going the lawyerly route. For me, right now, the pecking order is Fronius, ABB, SMA, based purely on how easy it is to interface with them software-wise.

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