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i have a 5kva expert inverter with 4* 190ah power safe batteries coupled to be 48v system, charged by 3*300w panels, the issue is during the day it will show battery full but at night it will start complaining of low e04 as low voltage from the battery at around 1am, the max watts on average am pulling is +-100w, 

what is the best setting to have on this kind of set up. to set a default agm type on battery type or select user on program 05. then what should i set on 12-13-16-26 and 29 for best charging and best performance that will prolong battery life. 



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Hi @divhy,

Just Google your battery name "190Ah Power Safe Battery", download the Instruction page and start reading.

You will come to Section 5. Installation: 


The Manual should give you all the appropriate settings. BTW, the voltages recommended is per cell. You obviously need to multiply with 24.

E.g. if you battery room temperature is a bit warm, say 30 Deg C, it follows that the recommended float is 2.25 x 24 = 53.76V. Set the corresponding Axpert Float setting to the nearest value. Probably 54V, or 53.8V, if it can handle 0.1V delta's. Hope this helps.



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@Sidewinder thanks for that info, i will read it, already the float is set to 54v, my worry is during day it shows battery from from the expert screen and battery voltage at 54v, but as soon as i got no more solar supply it will drop one bar on the battery indicator and voltage drops till 1am where it will be close to 48v


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The "Bulk" charge value for this is 

"or charge with the 2.40Vpc boost charge voltage during minimum 24 to 48 hours maximum to reduce the commissioning charging period (the battery will then be switched over to float charging, maintain the battery under floating voltage for 24 hours before any discharge test, see hereafter). Note: If the battery is to be subjected to a discharge test, the test will be performed immediately after the commissioning charge has been carried out. Check that the battery is fully charged."

Thus 2.4 x 24 = 57.4V. So setting 26 should be set to this.

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