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Just started my business installation - New installation

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Placed the order this morning for my business grid tie setup.


Kaco powador 60.0 XL TL3 Grid tie inverter

114 x 305w Trinasolar panels

Fuses, cables, wiring, mounting brackets etc.


Got some great service from David @ Exsolar. Those guys are very helpful and they have great pricing too. Will likely get the rails next week and start the installation from there. Will post some pictures as we go along.

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I have done a return on investment analysis over a period of 10 years @ a cost of capital of 9%. Basically it is going to generate roughly about R2 100 000 net cashflow over 10 years given an electricity price increase of 10% per year. Repayment period just over 5 years. Total investment of R630 000.


Current investment generates my electricity used between 8am and 5pm. About than 90% of it is used as it is generated with roughly 10% push back into the grid. This can be limited with the computer supplied by Exsolar. (Currently have 6 municipal connections on the property. If they decide to change the meter to prepaid, they will have to remove extra connections and supply me a single connection. This will assist that I have very limited feed back into the grid.)


Once NERSA eventually finalise their legislation, I will add an additional 25kw of panels to the existing system, almost zeroing my electricity bill. I have to obtain the correct meter before investing in this, as Ekurhuleni do not currently support the correct meters that will allow push back. 


Over all, this is a worthwhile investment for me, as it will pay for itself in 5 years and then generate "free" electricity for another 15 odd years.

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We have generated 224kwh over the last 24 hours. This far it has exceeded my expectations. Considering opening a thread to see monthly and daily kw generated per kw of panels grid tied so that we can get an indication of what a grid tied system is capable of. That should assist people in sizing their systems better for their needs.

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The bulk of the PV panels are east facing. I have about 30% of them facing west at the moment. The system is running 60% capacity. Once Nersa shakes the bull droppings from their socks, I hope to get a proper reversible meter and exp[and it to full capacity and add some more west facing panels. A system of this size is a no brainer. It will repay itself in just over 5 years at current electricity prices. 

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