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Invertor Temperature


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Hi All,

           I know about nothing of Solar and the installation thereof. MSolar did the installation in 2015 and we are happy and blessed with electricity..Today is a very hot day in CT and the temperature on the stoep are in excess of 30c and the invertor (Goodwe 3.5kw) are very hot, must be 60c+. Will this be a problem and how do I cool it off, will computer fans work?.. Regards, Dries

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Just check your inverter specifications, somewhere there is a operating temperature, most will be 0-55C. 

Make sure your inverter can breath.

I don't know if computer fans will work but if it were me, I would definitely put a fan in the room to try and get the warm air out, face it maybe in a way to extract the hot air, if possible.

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Just noticed mine is showing 58 degrees which is hot for sure.

We're being load shed but its sunny and the inverter is only having to deliver 125 watts or so to the load.  Its floating the batteries too so inverter load is about 150W.

I guess I must clean fans and filters to make sure airflow is OK.

Just a pain to shut the inverter down since cpmputer gear on my essentials circuits need to be shut down.


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I have no idea if my inverter/battery room have a lot of ventilation. But Sunday was a very hot day and my inverter/s never exceeded 43 degrees (Monday and Tuesday, Sunday was 42 degrees, rest of the week was cold weather so inverters ran at about 40 degrees and below). My equipment is very new. I have thought of installing an extractor fan, still think I should do it anyway. No idea what inverters temperature would be when they are in idle or bypass mode, will test it sometime soon.

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