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Inverter switching to Grid when boiling kettle


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Good morning, I really hope someone can help.

I have 3 x 5kva Mecer inverters with a mix of 16 Canadian panels @ ±310w each. I just replaced 8 x Nerada 200ah batteries with 3 x Pylontech US3000's.

I changed my inverter settings for the Pylontech's to the suggested settings Chris Hobson posted, being for

Program 02=3*30a (my inverter does not have a 25A setting, so I chose 30A)

Program 05=USE, 12=48V, 13=51V, 26=53.2V, 29=47.5V

The other settings I've used the Axpert settings also by Chris Hobson under the downloads section.

I've been using the Nerada's since 2016 and I've never had a problem like this, so I'm not sure whether it's an inverter setting or whether it's my new batteries.

Please see the battery stat extract and the grid trends below. I will also double check all settings again tonight, but any suggestions will really be appreciated.

Thank you



Grid trends.JPG

Pylontech overview1.JPG

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@Nellis.Theron  I run 1 Axpert 5kw with 3*3000 Pylontech batteries . Making use of ICC with the Pylontech cable they make . Centurion solar did the programming of the Pi . Setting no 13 was set at 50 by them . I run offgrid and had no problems so far . I can be wrong but 51 volt for a 15 cell Lithuim battery is bit high to change back to grid . a 2000 watt load will pul the voltage below 51 volt if there is no or low Solar input and the inverter will switched back to the grid . Even setting 29 at 47.5 is high . The battery low warning will start at 49.5 . which is problematic . The battery voltage will have to rise to 51.5 v before the alarm resets . 29 was also set lower by ICC installers .

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3 hours ago, Nellis.Theron said:

Program 05=USE, 12=48V, 13=51V, 26=53.2V, 29=47.5V

See FAQ question 2. You need setting 49 at 46.0 V or less. Or use the LFP flavour of the patched firmware. If you can use the latter, it will have the advantage of load compensation, which further reduces nuisance switching to line mode. Also, if it does, it will be for 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes. See Can I update my firmware, and if so to what?

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Hallo @Nellis.Theron

It might be that the voltage detected from the inverter is lower than 47.5V while the kettle is turned on.

Are you making use of the inverter settings (29=47.5V) as your Back to grid?

Are you making use of the inverter to detect when to switch from solar to grid or are you using ICC battery monitoring software?

If you only use the inverter to detect the voltages to switch you may have to drop the "Back to Grid voltage" lower.

Have a look at the Voltage trend to see if it is the case.

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Thank you @Chris Louw, @Coulomb and @Jaco Venter. It's all great answers for me. I'm at work now and can't wait to get home.

I will definitely change my settings and give you feedback.

Thanks again.


ps: Interesting for me, I looked on my phone at ICC and I can see the kettle was boiled again, and no switching to grid like this morning, so it all makes sense.

Load trends at 15h14.JPG

Grid trends at 15h14.JPG

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