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DIY Wind turbine

Chris Hobson

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32 minutes ago, Chris Hobson said:

Cannot vouch for this at all. Looks Heath - Robinson but members may be willing to give it a bash. I cannot use all the power from my panels so I am not looking for extra projects. The extra power at night would be a bonus though.


Alternator needs field windings to be excited, usually via a small lamp that also doubles as the no-charge indicator. Also, that pathetic little fan is never going to turn it fast enough to make anything meaningful :-) A quick google suggests that alternator/engine pulley ratio is between 2 and 3, so if the engine idles at say 700RPM, that means you need 1400rpm to 2100rpm to make meaningful power.

Soooo... you're talking a windmill wheel with a 15:1 pulley ratio, if my memory of the average speed of a windmill wheel in light wind is anything to go by.

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You could buy the magnetic rotor and the 36-pole stator of a LG Direct drive washing machine and make your own machine by adding support and a shaft. The blades can be made of plastic cutting out the profiles from blue pvc pipe, or you could make the blades from other materials.



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Great insight into the build just subscribed and it’s a nice compact turbine I also have built a homemade 650 watts wind turbine, a treadmill motor turbine and a little but powerful ametek 30v turbine and built 2 diy solar panels, be careful in high winds one of my first turbines blew up 😕and now have only 2 wonderful turbines working daily 😊it’s very satisfying watching those things working, keep up the good work buddy 👍

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