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Battery discharge

Calvin 101

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Well, first there is the mandatory thing we have to say: Make sure your Leoch is not stolen from a cell phone tower. These batteries were not sold to the public.

Second: 12% self-discharge is too much. But that is assuming the 12% is real. SOC is always an estimate. Does it drop another 12% over the next 8 hours or does it level out at some point?

Third: Is the battery completely disconnected, or do you have an inverter or something else connected? It is normal to have some discharge from an inverter  even if the inverter is in some low-power/no-load/bypass mode, in other words, if you have anything connected to the battery it might not be self-discharge. It might be actual discharge.

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19 hours ago, Calvin 101 said:

Good day can anyone advice what the normal standby battery discharge should  be ? I have a 48v Leoch lithium and getting 12% discharge over night 

What size battery is this . The 5 kW Mercer use  600 to 700 watts from 6pm to 6am if it is switched on with no load .

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