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Shouldn’t it already work:


You would either set ESS to keep batteries charged or to Optimized. So the way I understand it is that the solar should already be used. So you might see it as the “PV-Batteries-Utility” from Axperts if Optimized is selected or “PV-Utility-Batteries” on keep batteries charged.

Okay well, plonkster would probably pop in now to correct me and help you. 😅

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What do you mean "solar priority"? 🙂

@jykenmynie actually did a good job of explaining it. You tell the system whether you want to use the batteries or not.

If you decide to keep them charged, then the generated PV powers your loads, and you can optionally push the excess into the grid (or not).

If you decide to use the batteries (down to some configured minimum), then the batteries (and any incoming PV) is used to power loads. If there is more PV than loads, then the rest charges the batteries. If there is less PV than loads, the rest is taken from the batteries. Down to the configured minimum SOC. And again, you can optionally put the excess into the grid (if the batteries fill up and there aren't loads to use the power).

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