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Axpert 5kW


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Since I have replaced my 5kW Axpert with an Infinisolar unit the Axpert is available for sale. 

It was installed at the end of July last year so was in operation for about 9 months.

R7500 ono. Shipping for buyers account.

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Hi Cvzyl

Just recently started on this solar journey and have no idea as yet what my needs are - just ordered a power moniter to answer these questions

On the surface it seems that yr Axpert would be a good option from me to get my feet wet so to speak at a reasonable price

Can you provide further detail on the model, specs of the unit you have on offer, assuming it's still available

Many thanks


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On 25/10/2016 at 9:03 AM, Fritz said:

mmm i am in centurion and need one...

does yours have the comms board installed?

Fritz, sorry, I did not see your question. It has the standard RS232 comm port. I used it with AICC (for Windows at the time but you can now also use an RPi) and you can also use the included software, WatchPower.

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