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Efficiency for Growatt inverter


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Good day, 

Can anyone please help and tell me how to setup my  5KW Growatt inverter to use solar more efficiently and directly to cover the load. At the moment the Panels are only charging the Pylon-tech battery and then using the battery to cover the load. I've attached a picture of what that looks like.

I would like the PV array  to cover the load first and then make use of the battery to cover any shortfall.

Current settings are:

1. SBU.

5. Li (L02)

12. 50%

13. 95%

14. OSO





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I think it is related to what is discussed here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5164-growatt-inverter-pylontech-batteries-bms-comms-guide/page/12/

Basically the mppt charges the battery to 100% and then cuts solar production completely (to protect the LFP battery according to Growatt) and resumes charging when the battery gets down to 95% (depending on the firmware version you are running)

I am currently using this inverter with an AGM bank (5. AGM) and it does not happen as the mppt keeps on float charging and can immediately use only solar when the load requires it. Below is my current profile for today - you can see as the batteries gets full the solar just starts to taper off and then ramps up again when needed:



Maybe you can try a USE profile with voltage settings what people recommend for older Axpert inverters when using LFP batteries (at your risk, I am not clued up enough to know what the implications will be on battery health...). A battery manufacturer should be able to provide some advice on the voltage settings.

This is the exact reason why I am holding off on upgrading to LFP batteries with this inverter - hopefully there can be a firmware released in the future to remedy the situation


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At some point the inverter settings was setup so that a USE option was working with setting 12, 13, 20 & 21 configured manually but, then there was a firmware update loaded and everything changed.. Now i can't remember what it was. See screenshot of last good working configuration. As you can see the battery was not doing much, and the PV was taking care of the load.

As Inverter2.thumb.PNG.8242bfafaa6a734a6c7ae6ad8f24ab78.PNG


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Hello Everyone,

Apologies for reviving this old thread, just want to post some feedback in case someone else runs into this issue.

I have a Growatt SPF5000ES and Pylontech US3000C's that did exactly this - charge the batteries from PV, then cuts the PV source off completely when the batteries are charged fully. Then it would use the utility source to power my loads, even though the output priority was set to either SUB or SBU.

This was using firmware 040 02 909 (Inverter) / 041 02 907 (MPPT).

I got updated firmware from Growatt support (Amos), and since I flashed that the problem has been gone and things are working as expected. The updated firmware that I flashed is 040 04 301 (Inverter) / 041 04 301 (MPPT) dated 2021-03-01.

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