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  1. Never mind, looks like I made a mistake taking the inverter main input feed through the earth leakage protection.
  2. Hi All. I have installed a grounding box I made myself, basically a 220VAC power relay that is able to handle 60A, to be actuated by the dry contacts of my Growatt spf 5000 to connect neutral and earth when running in island (battery) mode. I have enabled setting 24 and everything seems to work as it should, however the power relay is a tad slower than the internal switchover relay - causing the earth leakage feeding the inverter from Eskom's side to trip when going back to grid as the neutral and earth is still connected at the inverter for a milisecond or 2 longer. Can anyone provide some ad
  3. Mine works with growatt + date, i.e. growatt20201012
  4. I think it is related to what is discussed here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5164-growatt-inverter-pylontech-batteries-bms-comms-guide/page/12/ Basically the mppt charges the battery to 100% and then cuts solar production completely (to protect the LFP battery according to Growatt) and resumes charging when the battery gets down to 95% (depending on the firmware version you are running) I am currently using this inverter with an AGM bank (5. AGM) and it does not happen as the mppt keeps on float charging and can immediately use only solar when the load requires it. Below is my cur
  5. I am currently running AGM batteries and now, with loadshedding, I am in Utility first (line mode) most of the time to ensure my batteries are always fully charged. The inverter seems to keep the batteries in float all the time from the utility - but there are periodic breaks every night, mostly at around 1am for 40 min and then again at around 4am for about 15 min according to the data logs, where the inverter stops the float charge and starts it back up again. It seems timed and happens regularly, so it must be an intentional timer triggered function. Therefore this does not only happen with
  6. Is there a changelog somewhere on exactly what the differences are between 500.07 and the 500.08 you attached?
  7. Discussed here I believe https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5535-growatt-data-missing/
  8. Yes, the password is growatt + the current date i.e. growatt20200902 - got that info off here: https://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1984968
  9. Thanks @plonkster for the insightful reply. So for the scenario where you would want to use the Growatt SPF5000TL with a Pylontech stack (max charge current limit issues aside) connected to solar and utility, would it then be better for the health of your Pylontechs to: Leave BMS disconnected, set appropriate voltage levels so that everything is voltage controlled - thereby giving up on an accurate SOC reading but avoiding micro cycling Connect BMS and endure some micro cycling on the top end Avoid the Growatt SPF5000TL - LFP combo until they have sorted all of this with som
  10. Hi All. So I am still trying to make sense of this 95% 100% SOC charge micro cycling explained here. I stumbled onto this: https://marinehowto.com/lifepo4-batteries-on-boats/ as provided by another thread: In that article (I did not read the whole, long thing so might have missed other info...), if you search for "DURATION AT TARGET VOLTAGE (Over-Absorbing):", you will see that keeping a LFP battery at 100% SOC at the absorption stage (constant voltage) for a long time (like what is done with AGMs or GELs) is very bad and charging needs to be cut, stopped completely at thi
  11. Good day all. I have the Growatt 5000TL HVM (firmware 500.07/002.03) with wifi and currently running with AGM batteries and a few solar panels. To be honest, it is working quite well. I am looking into upgrading to lithium batteries in the near future and stumbled onto this thread. It seems the Pylontech batteries have a good reputation and it seems that most of the issues regarding the BMS comms with the Growatt is sorted with the firmware I have, however I am unsure of this 95% - 100% solar to battery switching all the time being described here. Is this considered to be normal behaviour for
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