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Deye *kw inverter

D Bosch


Hi All

I have a 8kw Deye inverter and have a few questions

1) What is the G-valve on the bottom left next to the ATS 

2)How do you get the inverter to connect with wifi and how can I monitor the inverter with my laptop from within my house.

3)If I use the generator input with a 4000w generator will it only charge the batteries or will the inverter connect the load up to the CT with the generator directly.

My apologies for all these questions as the manual is unfortunately very basic.  

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1) No idea

2) Install 'Solarman' app, and follow the directions. (The automated setup does not work if you have special characters in WiFi SSID.  In this case, connect to the logger's AP, enter the router IP in the chrome URL bar, log directly into the logger and set up the WiFi from the UI there.)  Not sure if you can monitor from a laptop - I think there is only a cellphone app.

3) Generator will only power Load, not Grid.

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11 minutes ago, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Good to hear. We have been unable to attain that level of utility. Sucks to be us. I had it working fine on my Android phone... right up until I tried to load the Web browser on my laptop.


Working fine my side as well. 

I regularly change between using the four different android apps or one of the web portals. I think there are four web portals as well. 





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I have a Deye 5kW inverter and found this excellent link on Github for a Python app to read the data directly from you inverter. I downloaded the code onto my Raspberry PI, changed the config and it worked 1st time. This is also near-realtime and not 5 or 10 minutes late like on the Solarman website. Obviously the raspberry need to be connected to the same WiFi and subnet too. The Python app also provide much more data than the Solarman website.

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