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Main differences between Deye 5kw and Goodwe ES 4.6kw inverter

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Hi all.
I am trying to get into solar, but struggling to decide on a decent inverter. I am getting so many different strong views on all these inverters, I have now decided that I just want to pick between these two affordable inverters.

Deye 5kw: https://solaradvice.co.za/product/deye-5kw-hybrid-inverter/

Goodwe 4.6kw: https://solaradvice.co.za/product/goodwe-hybrid-inverter/

Is the Goodwe better in any way? Is it R10k better?

I really want to choose the Deye because its R10k cheaper!

Any advice or reviews of the Deye?

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I have both the Goodwe and the Sunsync.

Forget about Deye, get the sunsync, it has better support and a better user interface for the same hardware.

Goodwe is a very robust machine, but not as finely configurable s the Deye/Sunsync but it does an exceptional job.

There is little difference between the 2 inverters otherwise.

Goodwe pass through current is 40A, Deye 35...That's about the biggest difference.

Goodwe backup max of 4600W, sunsync=5000W (Not really a big deal either)

Goodwe talks "nativly" to Pylontech batteries, beautiful.

Also, Sunsync has a ground neutral bonding mechanism that the goodwe does not (although there is some debate on the goodwe version of it - still nobody has actually come back with proof that it does work as suggested) - NB, no municipality has made an issue of this point yet so its not terrible important.

Is the additional  R10K worth it, I don't think so.....

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8 hours ago, FixAMess said:

neutral bonding mechanism that the goodwe does not (although there is some debate on the goodwe version of it - still nobody has actually come back with proof that it does work as suggested)

it works (at least on my inverter. It is the old model with the serial number starting with a 3). The unlabeled (third) connection on the "back up" output is indeed bridging to neutral in islanding mode 🙂.

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There’s nothing to set up. The unlabeled ground connection on the backup output connects to a relay inside the Goodwe inverter that ties ground to neutral when the grid drops away. Someone on this forum actually showed the insides of this connection. For the life of me I can’t find it but I specifically remember seeing it, with a comment to the effect of “putting the debate to bed, with pictures”

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15 hours ago, FixAMess said:

Thank you, how do you set it up?


12 hours ago, gbyleveldt said:

For the life of me I can’t find it

it was reported by @Weasel (see below)



(from post "Goodwe vs others")

The goodwe es is a brilliant machine. They fall a little short on software and they have had a fair share of firmware bugs. Build quality and component selection im sorry to say surpasses victron by quite a bit. Before im shot at dawn im a massive victron fanboy and to someone like me blue offers the best all round. But credit where its due. The hardware issues guys have with them are almost assuredly because of improper installation, Oversizing backup or high inductive loads. Bonding does happen, guys just dont wire them right. The pe earth is connected to the chassis while the unlabeled earth connection is bonded see pics.

In short its the perfect inverter for a certain type of use case.


No generator

Off grid not recomended

No high inductive loads.

No parallel 

Not for the tinkerer

Long panel strings not ideal in partially shaded cases 

Annoying connectivity and firmware issues and propriety software nonsense.


Exceptional quality, nippon panasonic omron etc 

Lower noise and fanless

Ip65 if i recall

All in one solution with 100A dual tracking mppt 

Simple to install and setup so less install fees

Long strings higher voltage pv so less cabling and again less install fees. 

Upgrade paths starting with no battery grid tie, or no panel ups. 

Higher eficiency on grid hybrid because its transformerless vs say victron. 

Goodwe support isnt bad. Not great but not bad.



What would be really useful is if you could show what unlabelled thing this is and how to wire it, so the guys with the floating supply can rectify their setup.

If I read this correctly, you're telling me this terminal:


... actually has a bonding relay attached to it, so you just need to connect an earth to that and it will bond correctly?

That's like... seriously.... should be in the manual or something 🙂

Would also be interesting to see if all of them has that.

Edit: Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about who can put the matter to bed!

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