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Victron battery balancer


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Viper_ZA, yes, you said so before. So 1 x BMV balancer with 4 x 6v batts, (2 x 6v to make 12v) is then fine?

Thing is, I swap my batts every few months around, being only 4 easily accessible ... 

EDIT: I want Victron to make a 6v model.

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That's just theoretical for balancing 6V batteries with 12V balancers, 

Before the argument begins... lets say Bat 3 is slow to charge

  • Bal 1 will load between 0-12
  • Bal 2 will load 12-24
  • Bal 3 will load 12-24 
  • bal 4 will load 12-24
  • bal 5 will load 12-24

Admittedly its a little more complicated to figure out what will happen. But if you think about it each balancer only cares that its own banks voltages are the same while charging.in the scenario where one battery charges slower the rest must be slowed down and that happens just fine. Imagine not batteries but drums of water with a bunch of level valves. they'll end up the same volume because science.


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Will do viper. Just out of interest I see you running 2 strings of 3 panels how is that woring for for you? I have 3 strings of 2 panels. Would it be better for me to go the same? I have the same Axpert. what MM wire you runing on the strings?  

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Thanks Camel

I'm also interested in what 2 panels per string is doing.

Not seeing any problem on my system, see PV maxing out at +-1550w (heat, angle etc) on normal days and did see 1790w on cloudy days before.

Using 10mm² for the strings to the combiner box and 16mm² from combiner box to the inverter +- 9-10m run.

I don't like voltage drops ;)


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