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Non trustworthy solar companies

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This was a discussion I had on Solarway chat today asking for some guidance:

Solarway: Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help.
Solarway: hello there
Solarway: how  are you
Solarway: how may we assist ?
Me: The Growat inverters
Me: Are they hybrid inverters?
Solarway: yes all our inverters are hybrid inverters
Me: Ok so the blend AC and DC energy?
Solarway: you cannot mix them together at the same time
Solarway: you can changeover from AC to DC
Me: As far as I am aware, true hybrid inverters blend both AC input and DC whereas off grid inverters either only use DC or AC energy at a time and never both
so The growatt inverters you say are hybrid
Solarway: the inverter has both
Solarway: ac and dc
Solarway: however it cannot be used at the same time , that is not possible on inverters
Me: The Deye inverters can
Me: Goodwe too
Solarway: deye inverters are super hybrid

Is there any other company that can assist with advising on the correct system and products that you can trust knows what they are talking about?

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@Identity Seekerhi I have a growatt spf 5000es it blends pv and grid just fine but the monitoring app can't tell the difference. 

You see on the inverter screen how many amps are coming from solar and how many are coming from the grid.


It's an ok budget friendly option. If budget is tight then it's good. If you can stretch the budget a little further you will be happier with the deye/sunsynk inverters as they are true hybrids and can feed into the grid where available. 

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Solarway seems well priced. I have been dealing with Mohammed and visited their store in Greenside, JHB. He was very knowledgeable and provided excellent service. Not too sure about the online service though.

Just starting with solar...initially I purchased 2xGrowatt 5KW ES inverters however after reading the reviews, digging a little (very deep) deeper into the pocket I decided to exchange it for the Deye, 8KW inverter. Will pair it with 2xPylontech US3000 batteries. Considering Canadian Solar panels or JA Solar Mono 380W.

The price from Solarway for:

Deye Inverter: R31899 and

Pylontech US3000–C: R17999 each

JA Solar 380W Mono: R2099

Any thoughts or suggestions on the pairing or pricing?

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Thanks all.

I check out Solar Advice's website. Really informative and has all calculators etc to work everything out yourself. Spoke to Leon there, super helpful, got a great deal and now all installed.

Highly recommend their Fusion / Deye system https://solaradvice.co.za/product/fusion-8kw-4-8kwh-lithium-ion-solar-power-kit/


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