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Dyness Battery BMS PCB


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On 2021/02/10 at 9:48 PM, QBannister said:

The battery packs was tested individually and all in good order. I would like to get this module going again. 

I suspect this was sent to us for repairs, which was done in 2 days, tested and returned. Am I correct in assuming this?

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On 2021/02/15 at 12:21 AM, Gelo said:

Any news or updates? Intrested to know who covers damage, or warranty if applicable

Lightning damage not covered by warranty. We replaced the BMS at cost + labour and returned. I'm assuming it's the same client in Pretoria.

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21 hours ago, Aspergo said:

Dyness are 15S pouch cells.

Thanks for answering my earlier question Aspergo. 

If you look closely at the first photo from QBannister, you will see that there are 16x Mosfets close to the connectors which are connected to the cells for individual cell monitoring. Next to the Mosfets are 16x (pic is a little blurry) SMD resistors for what I assume are the balancing resistors.

Now because there are 17x FETS and 17x balancing resistors leads me to the conclusion that the BMS is also used in a battery with 16S configuration.

The same applies to Shoto. The earlier models of Shoto I believe were 16S but the latest models are similar to the Dyness/Pylontechs/other look-a-likes with a 15S configuration. I can only assume this is for cost saving. A number of other suppliers eg Blue Nova, LBSA have 16S configuration.   

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