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DIY Victron off-grid install


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So a brief background... I've been on the forum for a while, although relatively silent.

I almost bought a solar installation company in 2012, but things turned out completely different, maybe for good but still my keen interest in solar was still always there...

In 2014 I had some capital and was planning to do a solar install but then 2016 the decision went to drill a borehole first, so solar was delayed again...

mid 2020 I decided to take on the solar once more, and this time it looks like things will happen.

My budget, around R120k for starters, then we'll see over time where we go. I planned initially to go for batteries with warrantees, but am now strongly thinking about building a bank myself as I can about double my capacity with the same money...


Planned system:

I planned a system with a 8kw Sunsynk, 7kw PV and 10kwh batts for starters. Then last week an add popped up for three 5kva multiplus units. A year old but never been installed and still under warrantee. So I picked up the units for R15k ex vat each, including a Venus GX. And there goes my budget... haha

So I'm picking up he inverters from the couriers this morning.

Secondly I am busy with a deal for a smartsolar 250/100, which will hopefully go through today, holding thumbs. If i get the mppt then I'll stick with that for the start. 

So this weekend it will be making lists of hardware needed.

Current planned day for switch flip is 31 March 2021... Let's see how it progress. I will update the thread regularly for those interested and also I'll appreciate if those that have done this can give me pointers and warnings where they see needed, if they so wish..

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Super excited, went to pick up my 3 5kv multiplusses and venus gx from the couriers...

Remembered now, the unit has been used for a short while as loadshedding backups but not used hard at all, and they still have bulk of the warrantee left, so happy with the purchase...


A huge shoutout to [deleted by mod, commercial suppliers are to register with Powerforum] for an awesome deal on these, and sorting out the courier costs!! 



WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at 15.33.02.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-25 at 15.33.09.jpeg

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Commercial suppliers are to register
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