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  1. So a brief background... I've been on the forum for a while, although relatively silent. I almost bought a solar installation company in 2012, but things turned out completely different, maybe for good but still my keen interest in solar was still always there... In 2014 I had some capital and was planning to do a solar install but then 2016 the decision went to drill a borehole first, so solar was delayed again... mid 2020 I decided to take on the solar once more, and this time it looks like things will happen. My budget, around R120k for starters, then we'll see over time
  2. I'm just hanging on for a day or so with the order to wait for someone else to add to the order to get courier costs down... send me a message or a mail to [email protected] with what you want... Will take it from there...
  3. As far as I could see the Shelly EM for DB board monitoring does have one contactor control switching possibility but you don't need to use it to measure power. You use p1 and p2 to connect your clamps, so you can measure two channels, which you clamp over the wires you want to measure. So no switching done on the channel you are monitoring. The contactor control is handy to have, but is a seperate function to the power monitoring. I will still keep my current cost power monitor to visually see what is happening... but will use the shelly for the accurate logging. The Shelly PM with th
  4. Still planning to order end of this week... If there's still someone that wants some shelly stuff...
  5. Very aware that it can quite easily be done but I have too many other projects, so want to get something that I can connect right away with an existing portal... Want to relook my usage profiles and shift it around a bit before starting with my final solar system planning to implement later this year... But before that my water filtration system, the building and plc programming, is taking up most of my time... Just too many projects currently...
  6. Posted a group buy thread with cut off dates when I'm going to order if anyone wants to club in. I'm going to order for myself in anyway, so let me know. Shelly Group buy, direct import - Group Buys - Power Forum - Renewable Energy Discussion @Singh GP @Vassen @PaBz0r @langou
  7. Hi All I'm going to order a few items from shelly europe... with DHL delivery. I'm interested in an energy monitor for my house as well as a few switches. Using sonoff at the moment but keen to try out something else as well... Main reason is my current cost energy monitor doesn't have a supported portal anymore... If you're interested in something you are welcome to let me know. I'm going to place the order on 29 January 2021. Final day for orders, 27 Jan. I will send you an e-mail of the estimated amount according to the total amount and exchange rate at that stage by 28 Jan.
  8. Might also be interested. My old monitor is done, and the online portal also got shut down so need a new monitor...
  9. Have anyone bought anything from this store? http://www.bonanzatech.co.za/index.php?id_product=7894&controller=product The price on the infini is really good and I'm seriously considering ordering one... Does anyone have warrantee info on the infini?
  10. HI Willem.


    Het jy toe ooit gekoop? Ek is so bietjie deur die ou threads.. sien jy het gesels? Ek is in Somerset Wes -het 2x Axpert "Mecer branded"  maar is die 5Kva - in parallel, met 2.7Kw se panels op die dak - en 4x 250A gel batterye.. jy is welkom om te kom kyk - 

    Ek sal ook my ervaring gee rondom die inifinisolars etc - het heelwat navorsing gedoen, en het nou 9 maande se "ervaring":)


    Butha vd Merwe

    [email protected]


  11. Would have liked the normal infini 5kw (not the plus) with two smaller mppt trackers... but at a decent price please!! would have gone for it around or below the R32k mark... Which I would think is possible if you look at the cost of the 3kw plus. Think you can get the 3kw plus now for R18000? So then a resonable price for the 5kw or plus should be around R27k to R32k? a bit dissapointed at the price tag!!!! Would so like a SMA hybrid all in one... that should also be one very nice inverter...
  12. Batteries are still very expensive for the effective units that they can provide. I will try to definitely minimize or eliminate battery usage. After all I have a wife that likes loadshedding.... hahaha My main aim at this stage is more of a solar assist system. I must admit I haven't done anything practical on the solar side for the past 18 months due to holding on to capital because of employment uncertainties. Hopefully that will be sorted out in the 2 months to come and will make the capital available for use of a solar system and borehole. For now it's doing its part in reducing int
  13. TTT it's not that complicated at all!! For me that's the whole problem about solar, people tend to make it too complicated by what they expect and want to do with solar. If you have a greater need for what solar can provide comfortably then yes it can become very complicated, as flying with a car can become very complicated... ;-) To start off with, if the inverter was tested and acting like it should (if it's on the list for being tested and passed the test) there is no safety risk. So you are still abiding by the regulations and safety standards. I would not install an inverter which do
  14. If I have feedback disabled or a limiting device they can go fly a kite... The R400 plan is for the admin fee for bi-directional metering. If you chose to go solar and register without going on the R400 plan then as far as I can remember they come and install a plain prepaid meter. It's actually the same as the bidirectional one but with feedback disabled. So then what happens is if you do feedback it will also subtract units. So it's then in your best interest to make absolutely sure you do not feed back as you'll be paying for every unit that you feed back. What is non negotiable for them is
  15. If I don't feed back I don't see a reason to even let them know. Capetown is a bunch of skelms and it will then be an offline unit... they can come and find me... ;-) Will do some research again... last time I checked the inverter needed to have some sort of certification... 097-2 or something like that.
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