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  1. Fully in agreement. I was blown away with the size when mine arrived. SunSynk rules
  2. All your earth wires should be connected somehow as well as to the inverter chassis. Maybe browse through the member installs or see diagram in manual.
  3. @PowerUser let me try this way Ensure that your Relay black wire (as mentioned in my 1st reply) is wired to position 5 on the relay NO for Normally Open
  4. Hi @JeremyJvR glad you got it sorted! All makes sense in your reply except the position of your CT coil as per your original drawing cant be correct. The way your drawing indicates - feedback will occur. The CT coil help prevent current flowing back into the meter therefore it needs to be before the meter and not in between Eskom and the Meter.
  5. The way I understand it, your CT is in the wrong place. See the revised diagram below
  6. Step 1 - Ensure "Islanding Mode" is selected on the Inverter Step 2 - Remove the BLACK NEUTRAL wire which is currently screwed into the NC (Normally Closed) terminal Step 2 - Connect the removed BLACK NEUTRAL wire and connect it to the NO (Normally Open) terminal Step 3 - Connect from the Inverter ATS240V a cable to the relay pins 14 & 13 Step 4 - Connect N from the connector block to N on the Inverter LOAD and E to Earth on the Inverter Hope that helps. @Leshen Helped me figure it out a while ago so kudo's to him...
  7. The float bug and my lack of attention to the problem cost me a set of batteries. I wasn't prepared to risk another round of 1000's down the drain on Axpert type inverters and AGMs etc. As Coulomb pointed out, there are patched firmware versions for some models (48V) nothing on the 24V. My need also changed in terms of: my backup power requirement increased from 120W in 2015 to 880W currently. Not good for 24V systems have more storage capacity available for loadshedding but also making provision for prolonged power supply interruptions to generate more on solar reduce my Eskom bill not to start the generator wanted to explore lithium since I had to buy batteries Not sure, maybe the other Axpert users can chime in. The 24V from my experience generally don't have a lot of support or patched firmware. Misc After many hours of lurking around the forums I decided to take the plunge and invest into a system that would meet my current and future power requirements with the following equipment: SunSynk 8KW 2 x Hubble AM2's 12 x 490 W JA Solar panels (Still to be installed) I am in no way advertising what I bought nor am I advocating that I made the right choice in product, brand or supplier YMMV Different horse as well is the race. Steve from the powerforumstore and @Leshen are great guys to talk to for all sorts of advice.
  8. My recently decommissioned Synapse 24V (2019 Model) fans run just about non stop, unless in extreme cold conditions. I lost a set of batteries due to the "early float bug". I unfortunately detected too late. Hit & miss with the fans and float bug.
  9. Hi All, I have been putting together an essential DB to run from the LOAD / UPS side of the Sunsynk inverter. The image below is my project that I am busy with however I got stuck with where exactly to wire the Earth Neutral bond relay. I understand that the relay will be fed from the ATS240 on the Sunsynk with the option "Signal Island Mode" selected. Can someone please draw on the image below how to run the cabling as I am not sure where to take the Neutral from Before or after the Earth Leakage? Thank you in advance and other suggestions welcome
  10. Good day, Need some assistance to configure Sunsynk for UPS use only. Slightly confused. No Solar 2 x Hubble AM2's 1 x SunSynk 8KW Thank you
  11. @SolarFrans I would think yes. You can manually do this by the looks of it, via the timer option or I would guess maybe via mqtt
  12. @wolfandyICC as mentioned in the post. The lady that answered the phone was friendly but very clear that the software is not available separately. I moved on and glad I did
  13. As mentioned, this is what I use for now, however I have ordered a Sunsynk 8, hopefully will take delivery in a few weeks. Ordered from Steve PowerStore. Great guy for super friendly service and great advice!
  14. EDIT - Added reply name @SolarFrans I posted here of what I use with my Axpert inverter. It works a treat and with Node-Red integration with Telegram I receive live stats on my cell where ever.
  15. I contacted ICC a few weeks ago, apparently you must buy the full package from them (pi and software). I had a PI around so it made no sense to buy more hardware. That made my decision easy...didnt buy ICC. Got an alternative going Solpiplog. Not sure of the Pylon integration yet
  16. This is a graph of power usage of my Samsung 13Kg toploader with a cold wash only. 100 W is used by a fridge etc. Hope that helps ***EDIT *** The peaks are spinning / drying
  17. What model? Solpiplog will give you the readings that the Axpert inverter "thinks" the voltage is depending on the firmware. ICC is something completely diffrent
  18. sure send me a DM with your cell
  19. Use the Telegram app. You would be able to receive automated stats or based on a query i.e. type a command and the bot will return the answer for you.
  20. You can buy off the shelve software like ICC or try this great DIY option that I use: HARDWARE: Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) version USB or serial-USB Cable depending on your interface to the inverter SOFTWARE: Solpilog - polling inverter / power information Telegram - On your cell! Get your inverter stats on the fly! Create a bot. Works great Node-red - Awesome flows! DuckDNS - To link your ever changing WAN IP to a static domain name - Stats / dashboard available as long as you have internet. EmonCMS - Store data. Design your own custom dashboards Docker Let me know and I can build you an image that you can download and try it out!
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