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  1. Yes, the drop on SOC with virtually no load = you might have some damaged cells by the look of it. Do you have the Riot installed? Would be interesting what the state of health reports.
  2. @JayN Joh you are brave! I did this and was banned from posting for a month and received 5 permanent warning points. Apparently one cant post your true experiences if it goes against a certain shop and the admins pushing a product.
  3. @Coulomb Thank you for your input. I can rest easy now
  4. @Antonio de Sa no need to as I am exporting to the grid @Sc00bs JA Solar as per heading @Sc00bs +-20 meters @Sc00bsFor this time of year yes Thank you for the replies
  5. Hi, Just wondering what should production be on 8 x JA Solar 540W panels (1 series string), facing north on a normal pitch tile roof. Twenty (20) meters of 6mm solar cable used between panel & inverter. The time now is 12:10 (27 April 2022 Eastern Cape, SA, Coastal). It is sunny day, no clouds. herewith my results: 292.5 Volts 11.2 Amps 3.27 KW Exporting to grid Does the above results look right? Inverter 8KW SunSynk
  6. Item Wanted: JA Solar 490 Watts Panels x 4 or 6 depending on price Packaging Essential: Yes please unless I collect in and around PE Desired Age: Fairly new Location: PE / Shipping can be arranged if packed properly Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes 079 715 3025
  7. @JapieSkapie is that your Spike MAX (Short period / burst due to clouds etc) or Peak AVG (Mid day sunny conditions / hour)? I have 8 x JA 540's as well, north facing with a bit of shade until 9AM and getting Max 3.7KW (short period)
  8. @iiznh Received July last year. Unit / Box came with stickers stating 22A (like so many others or every unit entering the country at the time), side sticker states 18A. I wouldn't push for 22A if it wasn't possible. What inverter do you have?
  9. In the real world it is 20A per MPPT. SunSynk support says 22A is too unstable for the SunSynk 8KW. Ignore the spec sheet. We tried various firmware's on my unit. 20 A max
  10. @Colin B Your inverter need to be connected before the Earth Leakage
  11. @Kill_switch how old are your batteries and how many cycles? My opinion is that there are way too much failures on the product. It is also my opinion that the true colours / or cracks are starting to show. Should cells fail so early on? Not sure if the other brand experience this as well?
  12. Wondering what the percentage failure rate vs units sold are on the AM 2 Hubble's? I bought 2 x AM2's last year. One failed very early on (less than 50 partial cycles) and it was only apparent when DOD was reaching 40% or below. As soon as 40 odd % was reached the one pack would just plummet to close to 0 bringing the SOC down as well as state of health. The RIOT device used to report on SOH per pack - but I see they have taken it away from the dashboard, almost like they do not want the end user to have the detail. Maybe they just need to enable it who knows? Either way I now sit with 2 x AM2's basically brand new with little confidence of the future and the longevity of the product. Unsure of future failures. Scary thing is I was trying to save on the life of the battery and keep it above 50% DOD, problems started surfacing when I wanted to discharge to 35% once daily. After various tests remotely over a period of time Hubble did replace the pack. Having said that, If the clock was turned back I would invest in another product. No negativity implied. All for supporting local!
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