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  1. It can become and expensive hobby when you get sucked in. For example the panel are like a car you will benefit from them the inverter and batteries they like fuel you need it to make the car move. I think the only time it's really effective when you totally off grid , that when you can safely says the system pays for itself but a costly affair for that part. Just my thoughts.
  2. Hi Done by myself , but there is a common point that is the earth rod.
  3. Hi It also could be there to protect the surge from pass through to common earth on inverter. But for me I ran the SPD to an earth spike not to common earth's connected to inverter.
  4. The password should be on the box it came with just below serial number. It takes a few tries and it will connect hope it helps.
  5. John2

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Hi All What the latest firmware for the 8KW i have E418 and MCU 6003. Regards
  6. John2

    Sunsynk 8kW

    @Achmat @Leshen Hi All this morning I got and F20 fault code on my Sunsynk 8Kw could it be the pv amps exceeded 18amp or thee battery as Kieth video says battery. But have checked battery I have 1 x hubble AM2 with 70mm cable which seem correct , also cables the same length. Can anyone shed some light would appreciate it thanks.
  7. Hi below is the link to the BMS I would like to get its thee 200amp but parametes say https://banggood.app.link/F9WEXzfDOib but not sure if this is correct any with Daly BMS experience can shed some light it would be highly appreciated.
  8. Hi All I need some guidance I recently bought Lifepo4 cell with voltage 3.2V - 3.65, low cut off 2.5v 320Amph 16 off. I wanting to buy the correct bmw looking at the Daly 200amp but some specs say charge voltage 44.8 and others 60.2 with the 60.2 be fine I will adjust the cut of voltage for the cells.
  9. @abeetude That would need to be the inverter out /Ups N & E .
  10. Got mine recently aswell the manual say 22amp sticker say 18amp.
  11. @Morne SBR Just a question does your say 18amps or 22amps for the mppt.
  12. @hoohloc sure let us know your outcome.
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