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  1. Brilliant. And does it need special shower head or taps when used or work with regular plumbing?
  2. Can you give more information on this "30l under counter geyser for their shower"? What brand and make? And how is it working out for the tenants? How many showers can you have with this?
  3. Yeah the huge issue with Builders...is they suck. No stock at any of the Builders in Cape Town. They also dont have the best support. I did order 4x of those Qualitel plugs at R220 each, but its now on backorder from the supplier. So in the mean time, I ordered 2 Bneta plugs from Leroy which has already been shipped.
  4. This is actually an interesting point. I recently started buying up BNETA plugs to add power metering on as many places as possible in my house. Have 2 so far, waiting of another 4 to ship, and might need another 2-3 depending. For now, the Sonoff POW R2 is on the Fridge, but more interesting, look at my office-feed for my own pc. Will get one for wife's office side later. Above you can see it average at 60-70W with 2 Dell LED monitors, a 2015 MBP 13" a 5port gigabit switch and a polycom voip phone. If I turn off 1 monitor, it goes to average of 50-60W. If I turn off bo
  5. I would rather get an electrician out. They can find issues you are not aware off. At previous house, they found there is in fact some earth leakage, but not enough to trip the switch. Traced it down to a specific plug. Redid wiring and issue went away. They also found earth leakage on the geyser. Replaced element and that issue also went away. All of this was done while doing the COC for selling house. The price for this is not bad, I think R800 for both elec and plumbing. Really worth it. Don't explain you have an issue, just saying you want COC for selling (even if you are no
  6. @BGb While you can do all of these exercises, now that you found going over 31A you basically know what the issue is. Your current AEG microwave is probably not an inverter-based microwave. Usually smaller/cheaper microwaves are not. When running on batteries and solar, it is in your best interest to make sure as many of your appliances in your house is inverter-based appliances. They then also usually use less power (including less AMP and watt). Examples are fridges, aircons, microwaves etc. Rather sell that microwave if you can. Go and buy one that specifically state it is a
  7. According to my installer this specific issue is fixed in newer version of the firmware so you shouldn't see this on the South Africa setting. Not sure how accurate or true this is, but I did ask him about it. Will see how it goes for me.
  8. Buying another smaller microwave will work out cheaper than making changes to your batteries or inverter. Sell your current microwave to someone who doesn't have solar or inverter at home.
  9. Also are you sure there is nothing else running, like 100% sure you are on 500w before turning on the microwave?
  10. Have a GoodWe 5048D and 2x US3000b 3.5kWh batteries. During power outages we are able to use the Microwave or Kettle or Dishwasher. We only ever have 1 high drawing appliance go on out of habit and never had the system trip, @BGbhave you checked if there are errors logged by the inverter after? Also on what firmware version are you? I think I was fine on 1818 firmware but now on 2121A its also fine.
  11. It is done remotely by GoodWe nowadays. I submitted a ticket on https://support.goodwe.com/portal/en/home to which they responded really quick, and they scheduled it next day for 5pm if I accepted the date/time. And the next day just before 5pm my inverter rebooted with the new firmware.
  12. I can maybe add something useful here too. Have a 4.6kW GoodWe inverter (at least full hybrid) with 2x US3000b batteries installed and the installer looked at our washing machine and dishwasher and said yeah may need to run that during the day only. Don't have panels installed yet so we only use the batteries for backup still. Many nights we would turn on the dish washer before loadshedding start and it would be fine. Last night we turned it on while in a slot, as that is what we do before we go to bed. We almost exclusively use it in eco mode, which saves a lot of water but still us
  13. Xiaomi mi9t but its flashed with a custom rom. I can go into the batteries, selected self define batteries but then went back to my actual pylontech battery setup as I dont want it to do anything wierd.
  14. I am on the same firmware 2121A and I can access basic and advanced settings in the PV master app. Dont have pv installed yet, so cant comment on grid usage yet.
  15. Do you have any load between grid and the inverter? Your story sound different from someone else I know (who has panels) who says his inverter overshoot the push back to the grid by 100w at least, where his system is set to to feedback to the grid, but do power non-backup devices that sit between grid and inverter's grid input. Assuming you do have the CT installed properly.
  16. Also, linking images to images in your email account wont work for others to see here, only for you.
  17. Do you have installer access to your inverter? Start with that and look at the advanced options set on the inverter. I currently don't have panels yet, but I do notice the inverter periodically discharging and topping up again, but tiny amounts. At midnight exactly, it will do a bigger discharge and top up again, but stays at 100% basically, or go to 99% for too short amount of time to see. The latest firmware definitely made this happen more, but I suspect it is in advanced settings...which I don't have access to yet...
  18. That's Grafana reading data from InfluxDB. I use Home Assistant with the GoodWe plugin where I believe @gbyleveldt and @mletenay had a hand in developing, which drops this into InfluxDB.
  19. Indeed, wish I had access to the changelogs etc. But this format of them doing it OTA for you, means I don't have access to anything really. I did notice, that the battery charge/discharge pattern is different now in backup mode.
  20. So my inverter was still on an old version, just before this 1818 business. Installed noticed this and mention he will get the guys to update it, but that never happened. Well I noticed something weird on Saturday. Was at the shops and builders lost power to their lights and ACs etc. Only the tills was still powered. I was like, is there a power outage? Anyways got back home 20min later, and noticed all the essentials in the house is offline for about 20min. Had to restart the inverter to get it all back online. Other than that 1 issue, it has been flawless since installation. S
  21. Hopefully have my panels installed by next week then I can give you real world experience.
  22. Received my Installation Approval Letter today
  23. @Elbow I just received my SSEG installation approval letter. There is the following part in that might be of interest to you:
  24. They at least parallel in the diagram But yeah looks like 2 inverters running separate inside the same house. Technically can do the same with 1x GoodWe and 1x Sunsynk too at the same time.
  25. The old part, is just the back plastic with some form of surge protector and the connectors on which the old meter and new keypad clip in on. It saves them a whole lot of work actually. Like the physical part inside took less than 2 minutes. So yeah its huge, but it means I also don't have to repaint and fill up empty concrete and stuff. So good and bad. Yeah I was scared of the reviews, but the guys were chilled when over here so it was ok and I am more relaxed now that this is out of my way.
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