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  1. The letsencrypt+duckdns and nginx addons make a nice secure way of accessing it remotley with port forarding. But I agree with you 100%, if your ISP is using CGNAT then you won't have a publically routable IP to port foward from and you then the next best thing is to use their nabu casa service at $5pm... hopefully that's not a problem too many people experience. It's a little more common if you're using LTE at home but often there's an alternative APN to use to get a public IP. In a few years when IPv4 is exhausted it could be a more common problem and ISPs will probably charge extra for a public IP. What does your openhab setup look like ?
  2. I'm testing it out now, looks interesting. It's crashed a few times with CRC errors but it 's probably just clashing with my primary polling service. I will play around with it a bit more and try integrate it with my MQTT scripts. It will be a bit of a hack though as I won't be able to seperate it from FCGI - I'm not a dev. It is really fast though so i dont mind going via curl to nginx fcgi. Looks like a great resource if you're building a direct web frontend.
  3. I'm not too familair with the pylontech units but MQTT needs a TCP/IP connection to work. I'ts my understanding that the pylontechs only have serial port so i imagine you will need to poll it over the serial and push the data out with MQTT. I don't think Ned Kellys would work on the pylontech but if anyones willing to give me a pylontech I'd be happy to get something working I came across this thread - looks like @Elbow has some good knowledge on this https://powerforum.co.za/topic/3429-pylontech-vs-raspberry-arduino-plc/ I didnt have time to go through pyloncon.py in detail but I doubt much is needed beyond updating the connect() function with your HA mqtt details, maybe just registering different topics as i didnt see it sending "/config" anywhere in the script, which HA needs. My pyhon isnt that hot, this is an example of how I register topics using mosquitto from BASH on the Pi to the HA server: mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -u \"username\" -P \"password\" -t \"homeassistant/sensor/voltronic_battery_charge_current/config\" -m \"name\":\"voltronic_battery_charge_current,\"unit_of_measurment\":\"A\",\"state_topic\":\"homeassistant/sensor/voltronic_battery_charge_current\",\"icon\":\"mdi:current-dc\" there's no entity_id in this example so it will be last after a reboot..
  4. Should be, I'm not sure if there's documentaion around the commuction protocol but in theory the same thing can be done with publishing the values into HA using mosqutto_pub.
  5. I'm not using ICC, I'm using skymax - https://github.com/manio/skymax-demo - on a Pi to send commands and read values over the USB to the inverter. These values get returned in JSON which gets process by a BASH script to publish the values via MQTT using mosquttio_pub to HA, this happens every 10s on my current config. Another bash script runs mosquitto_sub to subscribe to the topics for changing values on the inverter, these values get sent from HA and the payload of the message gets passed to skymax to send across the serial... so in a nutshell HA manages eveything. When I started on this venture I did tinker with ICC using a trial license but I wanted everything under one umbrella. Not to take anything away from Manie and the team, they've done great work. But for me personally when I embarked on the Home Automation and Inverter journey I didnt want an app for this, an app for that. Everything needed to be manged from a single platform. I haven't looked at ICC since so not sure if Manie has added bidirectioanl MQTT yet, at the time he said there were no plans to include it.
  6. I'm using a Sonoff TH16 and ds18b20 temperature probe. My geyser has a 2nd sleeve that I fed the ds18b20 probe into. When comparing the water temperature out of a hot water tap using a thermometer and the reading from the sonoff it's always within 0.2 degrees so im quite happy with it. The only caveat is the water inlet seems to be near this sleeve so when you run a hot tap the temperature reading in HA drops suddenly and then gradually normalizes back to the correct temperature when you're done and the water temperature has naturally evened out. The renderings were done with Sweethome 3D and the SVG files for HA in Inkscape, both are free and can also run on linux That's my preffered OS. I also have the RM Mini, thanks for the heads up about the same IR code issue, holding thumbs my aircon has different codes. I may have to create a binary sensor based on power draw from the POW to determine powered on/off state...
  7. Ahh thanks @Jatho Guess I'm Mark2 now
  8. Thanks @francois Looks like I made a noob mistake and made my handle @mark so when i'm mentioned i guess it should be @@Mark Sorry @Mark
  9. @francois & @SolarNoob I have an Axpert 5kVA MKS II, 10x 285W ArtSolar panels and 8x 200Ah Vision 6FM200Z-X AGM batteries Also have a BMV-702 on the way and Victron balancers on backorder. I've fallen behind on my HA stuff, I have a box full of sonoffs and shelleys that i need to get to. Also need to pull out the ladder and flash my sonoff POW on the geyser with tasmota. I have to work from home next week thanks to Covid-19 so I might finally get around to some of it. These are my other screens on HA, sorry this is going to be a lot of pics. I'm, new to the forum not sure what the etiquette is After the inverter dashboard is lights, nothing exciting here Then Pool, I also have an automation to send an mqtt command to the POW on the pool to reset the "Total Since" counter at midnight on the 1st of Every month so I can easly graph monthly totals from inglux/grafana. I haven't added the bar graph yet Gate and Garage doors, done with Sonoff SVs and reed switches. I'm in a security estate so I wasn't too worried about the secuity of the sonoff on the gate. I've at least disabled the built in AP that gets activated when it can't see the Wifi. Garden Irrigation - I use Openspinkler Weather and Geyser temperature. I have a Solar Gesyer with limited early morning boosting in the mornings so good to see what the water temp is at in the evening. When I get around to flashing the POW on the geyser I want to add thermostatic control from HA. The standard geyser thermostat on the element will act as a hard shutoff in case something goes crazy in HA Main bedroom only has aircon for now. If the aircon is drawing more than 100W after sunset and the grid goes down it will turn off the aircon. I have a Wifi enabled infrared remote hub that I havent finished setting up yet. Hopefully I will be able to control all functions of the aircon when done Then my 3d floorplan with animations and presence detection. This was a proof of concept so the image is lacking a lot of detail. In the gif the first click is from clicking on the room in HA, the next one you can see the light going on and off from using the actual light switch. This might be overshare of what my place looks like but this is where my renderings are now. I still need to add trees, plants, pool, 2nd floor and some inhouse detail. I'm also waiting to get all the smart switches installed before I render all the layers with things on/off or open/closed. My Goal is to have a tablet or 2 with the 3D view of the house to see the state of everything as well as control everything. not sure whayst going with the artifacts on the cars... And then random crap on my testing page, i build cards here and then move them over to the main pages That's it for now. Hopefully i get time to grow it over the next few weeks. I'm also liking @Jatho dark theme, might change mine up
  10. @Pierre I used a mix of https://github.com/ned-kelly/docker-voltronic-homeassistant and the original https://github.com/manio/skymax-demo that ned-kelly based his on. I added a few things and recompiled it but nothing major. Some things were missing like PV watts when I grabbed it a few months ago Most of my dashboard was insipred by his example but I've added a few things from grafana, PV watts, PV vs Load etc and automatically updating the drop downlist order based on live setting. ( ie if you change it manually on the inverter the dropdown list will update and show the real configured value as selected a few seconds later) The only problem is payloads on low speed USB need to be broken up into 8 bytes chunks so currently this is limited to 5 character commands ( 5chars +2 CRC +1 CR = 8bytes ) So commands like POP00 work 100% but ones like PBFTxx.x ( float voltage ) are hit and miss. This problem doesnt exist if you're using a normal RS232 serial port but not much actually have these anymore. A friend of mine has started writing new one from scratch in C# and has gotten the 8byte chunks and CRCs working perfectly with the ability to rapidly poll the inverter. He is also working on mqtt autodiscovery for home assitant. The goal is to be able to view all readings and manage every possible setting via home assistant as you would via watchpower In the mean time I have been using a python script to run commands > 8bytes manually as needed for now until his project is finished. The python serial library seems to handle this transparently in the background. If his project takes too long I may find the motivation to trim the the MPP python script down and push values from mosquttio_sub to it to do temperature controlled charge/float voltages from home assistant...
  11. Thanks I'll reach out
  12. Are any of these still available ?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a victron BMV 702 if anyone has one that they're intersted in selling
  14. I'm also a big fan of home assistant. This is my dashboard for my Axpert MKS II. I have a raspberry pi connected to it with bidirectional MQTT to my home assistant server. The server used to be just a pi 3 but it started getting a bit sluggish with all the data points. I've since migrated to an old 4th gen i3 with a cheap SSD I've done some other stuff as well if you guys are interested to see. Also have 3d animations working but still working on a full detailed rendering of the house before I integrate it fully.
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