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Peter Topp

Parallel Axpert MKS 5k with 3.06kw pv.panels installation.

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This is my attempt to be  free from load shedding and power failures.

My home db. has been divided into 3 zones. (main house, granny flat and garage with small room)

The granny flat is also connected to Axpert KS 3k inverter without pv panels. I will post  this later.

The parallel inverters are connected to the main house.

The main house has a solar geyser which feeds a variable gas geyser.

The stove is also run from gas.

The inverters and db's are installed under the carport attached to the main house.

The installation and drawings except installation of the pv. panels were done by myself.

Connected two Axpert inverters in parallel to overcome the 4kw limit (now 8kw just in case my wife irons and bakes at the same time).

Connected 12 x 255w pv panels (3060w). 4 strings in parallel with each string of 3 panels in series. .

I will add another 3060w pv panels and will also change to Axpert V inverters when I have saved enough.

This will allow me to feed power to prepaid meter which I receive the monies for in the granny flat, also hopefully turn my power usage meter (old type) backwards.

I have 4x180ahr batteries connected.

The inverters are connected to a remote panel inside the house.

Input is fed by two cables and input changeover is 60amp because it draws more current on input to charge the batteries when necessary.

I have also set the charging current lower as there are two inverters charging the batteries.

Output has a 40amp circuit breaker in main db.

I use fuses to disconnect and isolate batteries and pv panels.

It can also run from a generator which is connected to the changeover.

It also can be switched to bypass which bypasses the inverters if there is any problems.

Attached is the photo,hand drawn wiring diagram and labels.

Total Cost for installation:

Inverters, parallel kits and remote panel R25000.00, pv panels and installation R38000.00, db panels and wires R7000.00, batteries and cables R20000.00

R90000.00 :(


Axpert MKS 5K Parrallel with 3060w PV DB small.JPGAXPERT MKS 5K + 3060W PV WIRING DIAGRAM 27122016 Small.jpgInverter Labels.jpg


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