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SOLVED - partial pv display axpert 5kva...


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i get the following partial display regarding my pv following @Coulomb&weber firmware update 73.00c, any thoughts - the readout on the icc is also attached


SOLVED- it is a new functionality of the @Coulomb&weber software, hats off to the ongoing splendid products from down under!



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That is an ICC thing and not to do with the update, if you have a dual MPPT inverter then you will see [MPPT 2] come alive. I have 2 Axpert in parallel and still no [MPPT 2] numbers on this screen, howver you can view them in the [INVERTER CLUSTER VALUES] tab, which is also only available if you have parallel inverters.

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You actually have a third of a panel showing. It's like a bar graph, it will show 0, 1, 2, or 3 partial panels for around 0, 1, 2, or 3 kW of PV power. It's all in the AussieView manual. 

So with more sun, you'll get your full panel back. Assuming you have enough panels connected, of course. 

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