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Problem with Imeon inverter/ linking


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I am new to this forum and am desperate for some advice, help, anything. We had an imeon inverter, 12 solar panels and 4 stride batteries fitted end 2015 by a business called WP Solar in Cape Town- owner Arjan Smit. Arjan Smit has now left SA and is living in Holland and of course does not and will not honour his 5 year warranty.

It soon became apparent that the stride batteries were far too weak and were pretty useless. We imported 2 huge Pylon lithium ion batteries from China and had these connected end 2017. We were advised by Pylon that if our inverter did not have the technology we would require an IMA - a montoring box, to which the inverter is connected and the batteries are connected to it. We then imported the IMA from Imeon and had it all correctly fitted beginning 2018. The Imeon works well and the batteries work really well but we need to have the Imeon linked to the internet to be able to monitor the batteries and change input. We can connect to the Imeon with all our devices BUT it is not connected to Imeon internet system. This should have been done by the installer Arjan Smit and was not done

After many emails to Imeon ( they are extremely unhelpful ), all they can tell us is that the installer must link the inverter to their system through them and they refuse to deal with us, the end user. We cannot get any installer in Cape Town to help as all they want to do is rip out the old and put in theirs.

Please can anybody give me any advice, help or anything as to how we can get this Imeon system linked, or is there an installer that can do it at whatever fee ??

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I can help if i can find the card. Nobody has stock of them in S.A. so would have to be imported from Imeon France. I have had my fair share of issue with them, but they now allow me to do certain repairs to them as well. It is a RS485 and RJ45 card, the cost is approx R2500 to get. i do not know the import / shipping costs. let me have a serial number for the unit....

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Hi Angela, all the card is, is an interface to your network router and will allow you to connect to the Imeon portal to view your stats re production, load, battery status etc..... You will need a network point near your Imeon Inverter as it is a wired connecteion

I have only ever had two clients install them from around 87 Imeon installs. your unit is around 2.5 years old? no issues to date?


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No issues to date with the Imeon itself. I knew there had to be some way to connect and get the stats, the card makes sense. The main reason we wanted to link to the internet was because our batteries are charging only from solar, but with all the bad weather and no sun, our batteries are not storing anything, with the result that we are on the eskom grid during dark days and at night. 

We wanted to charge the batteries up on the grid when necessary to be able to use batteries at night and come off grid. If only 2 of your clients have the card, there must be another way to charge the batteries on the grid without internet connection ?

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@Angela it is unclear why you would want to charge your batteries from the grid and then use battery power at night.You are going to use more grid energy to charge the batteries than you will get back from them. If your objective is to charge from grid when solar is insufficient, in order to keep the batteries fully charged, it makes sense.

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We wanted to charge batteries from grid when solar is insufficient, so that they remain fully charged. The batteries have only recently been fitted and with the little sunlight we have had, they have never yet been fully charged, with the result that we are on the grid far to often. We wanted to be able to regulate that and from the information booklet downloaded from Imeon it appeared as if we could adjust that ourselves once the Imeon was linked to the internet and we downloaded the app. But, it looks like we were wrong and it can only be done by an installer, hence my confusion in my initial post.  

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7 minutes ago, Angela said:

... we could adjust that ourselves ...

You guys can save a lot, or it can cost you a lot more. Good news is, this forum members can save you a lot of heartache and money. 

Solar is not cheap, is intrinsically linked to WANTS vs NEEDS where the WANTS part cost a small fortune to make happen.

How far are you guys prepared to go to save on Eskom using solar?

I ask for it is a steep learning curve, 10 to 1 more expenses, and a family that backs it all the way. We've all have had to "assist" the family adjusting some habits. :D

Then there is also the part that it is nowhere near what you thought it would be. 

But we all can help.

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The adjustment part we started when the imeon was fitted and it was not easy, but we do nothing at night that requires power except lights and tv and maybe the stove.  Heating is all gas and I do not use my oven at all anymore - quite sad. But hey we have many braais. I think the water crises has also assisted in that washing machines and dish washers are much less used. We are definitely saving on electricity from what we used before the Imeon, but with electricity tariffs now going up another 16%, we will soon be back to what we paid then ! The main problem is really in winter as in summer we use very little. The geyser is on its own system and panels and runs independently and works like a dream, but of course also switches to power on bad days.

I must admit that I thought we could come of the grid almost completely when the imeon was fitted, so that has been quite disappointing. The new batteries work well and I am hoping if we can get them sorted out, that we will be able to go onto the grid less 

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The guys with Imeons will most definitely help you to get the most out of your system. 

I presume you have a Victron BMV Battery monitor, as that is a crucial part in battery management.

Eksom: The National energy regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved a 5.23% average price increase which will be implemented on 1 April 2018 for Eskom direct customers and a 7.32% average price increase for municipalities which will be implemented on 1 July 2018. http://www.eskom.co.za/CustomerCare/TariffsAndCharges/Pages/Tariffs_And_Charges.aspx


My contribution, is to be the "other voice". :-)

The thing with batteries is that one needs to fully understand that the cost per kw/h using batteries at night vs Eskom. In cities the cost per kh/w may be less on Eskom.

Secondly, I am of the point of view that oven, stove, kettle, microwave and other washer thingy stuff are the least of ones bill.IF they can be used daytime when the inverter is powering the house, carefully not to overload the inverter, that is the best.

However, I am not convinced that buying a big system makes that big a saving over time, as inverters, batteries etc must be replaced. So I went the lean and mean way on my system.

Geyser/s on the other hand used to be the biggest consumption, can be on inverter when there is surplus power. Good idea.

The loads that cost the most per year are normally below +- 1kw/h, like in our case, working from home, stuff like computers. If we are on solar, our house draws 60w per hour.

The biggest savings we got, once we scraped the bottom of the barrel looking for the last "viper" loads, was lowering the evening average loads by switching stuff off at the wall.

Then the big whammy! The loads that are on when everyone is asleep. That is a waste.

So, if I was you, focus on lowering your 24/7/365 average consumption.

Peaks that are on for 2 hours twice a week, those are nothing per month: 2 hours per week twice a week at say R1.67 per kwh x 52 weeks / 12 months = R28.95 per month. 

Use the stove. It is cheaper than braaing. :-)

EDIT: Gas may be the same cost as using Eskom. @plonkster has done sums on that in the past. Maybe he can compare again?

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Gas costs slightly less than electricity per unit of energy, but the heat transfer efficiency from the flame to wherever you need the work done is usually about half, so for everything other than heating the room electricity would have to cost about double what gas costs to make it worth it. Seriously big thumb suck though. Also need to take into account time and effort of delivering LPG by the bottle. And sometimes there are shortages of LPG and if you can only cook on gas with no electrical backup you're screwed. If you have natural gas delivered by a pipeline straight to your house, as in some upmarket estates in Pretoria, the cost might differ enough that for some applications it might be worth it. Don't know, but I doubt the numbers have changed enough to tip on favor of cooking on gas yet. 

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On 2018/07/03 at 2:51 PM, Mike said:

Then it will not be an issue, i can reconfigure your inverter. There would be a site call out fee....thats it.

you can drop me an email or pm to arrange.

Hi Mike, please can you contact me regarding an Imeon 9.12 inverter on 061 4562075. I dont know how else to reach you and needing some expert help :) Many Thanks, Shan.

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Hi Shannen,

i don't come on this site that often anymore. i will give you a call tomorrow when i am free......i can try assist you. have not worked with Imeon now for a very long time..



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Good morning Mike

i am in need of some advise and assistance with my 3 phase Imeon inverter. Need to change batteries to lithium and my installer is not sure about the communication issues. Original sellers was Herholdts electric in Bloemfontein but they dint seem to have the answers anymore as they have moved over to Chinese inverter brands and are not very helpfull.

if you are able to assist DM me on 0825745360

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