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Warning Label Kits

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2 hours ago, plonkster said:

If you're selling, I'll take one.


1 hour ago, Fuenkli said:

I also take one

Okay, lets try and do it this way. I want to make it clear before I continue, I will not make a cent on this deal, I am not selling these, its not my business and what I want to suggest is simply out of providing a service. I ordered four sets of pv labels as well as 2 setes of battery labels for myself. One for my installation and Three more for the odd installation I do. I dont want to pay courier fees every time I need a set. 

From JHB to here they charged me R220 for courier fees. I will pay that if I order 1 set or 20 sets. I guess the courier down to @plonkster might be higher, so my offer. 

Who ever wants a set, please add your names before Monday, i will include them in my next order (Monday), so i can have them shipped to me for free as it wont make a difference to the delivery cost of the other stuff on the order. Should have it by Wednesday , and ship it out again on Thursday using Postnet. R99 to anywhere in SA, saving you basically R120 on courier fees. 

If anyone is interested. The PV on roof and Hazard Lables Pack is R33.71 excluding and the battery Hazard pack is R93.90, a total of R127.61 + 15% = R146.75 + R99 Postnet.  

I just realize my picture above is misleading, you only receive 1 PV on roof with the Hazard pack, I bought 4 so all four was send together. 

This is what I paid, just as prove that I am not trying to make money from this.



For those who want to try and source it yourselves, SegenSolar is the main suppliers. I have been trying for a week to get into contact with them, they didnt even reply on my emails. I then saw the labels on someone else's  invoice and bought it through a third party Solar Supplier. I am not sure if I am allowed to post their details. If I am, i will gladly share. For those who want to save a few rand, I will gladly help.  

@Energy, maybe something to add to your shop, I am sure it will be in demand for some time to come. 






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On 2018/10/05 at 4:04 PM, Jaco de Jongh said:

I know @Mark and @PaulF007 did some great work on labels a while back, but just to let everyone know a few nice ones are available for sale now. 

Just received my first batch 30 min ago. I bought the complete set for R135.  R146.75l1.PNG.25278371169de4bba189f359d1ff80f8.PNGl2.thumb.PNG.09948787c6d6588bd6d2b5b2a7f0a55c.PNGl3.thumb.PNG.a6878afa725e357e4f10aab247a66f01.PNGl4.PNG.f86c0751d4e75875af2b8e5132d6a4e2.PNGl5.thumb.PNG.a73daf43c073f96793ae6949ac1cb804.PNG


some nice high res scans would have been nice before you cut the, ;) most of this can easily be made with PowerPoint, Visio etc with images from a google search and a bit of work.


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O genade @Mark and company, this blew out my backside I still have three sets we just need to make a plan to ship where ever. If you or anyone else can arrange to pick up at my office it will be the only cost for the set/sets. I don't want anything for it.  

Just for fun here is the proof that it is on my table 😉


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11 minutes ago, PaulF007 said:

Just for fun here is the proof that it is on my table 😉

Any photo can be photo shopped ... I call fake photo ... you did not have it at your desk at your office right at this moment. 🤣

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3 minutes ago, PaulF007 said:

See here I even indicate that I am at the labels myself



MAN I laughed my arse off ... well played!!! Respect!

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