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Need wiring advice

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Hi every one

I'm not very clued up with all the terms. But here is what I have. And what I'm looking for.

2X 200Ah deep cycle gell batteries

4 X 300 watt solar panels

MECER Axpert KING Hybrid off-grid inverter 3KVA/3KW

Now I need wiring advice and I want to build and wire my own db box. And I heard I need fuses from my batteries to the inverter.

Would appreciate any advice (or wiring diagram)

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Hi Christoffel you are welcome to send me a private message with questions you might have. I’m not sure what type of system you are planning, but if it’s anything like my off-grid Axpert I don’t mind sharing my little experience and the installation goods and bad’s with you. The wiring diagram will depend on your circuits /load requirements. (What you want to run on solar? How you want to control the system?) 

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I want to run the basics. 

2 X fridges

1 X freezer

Security camera system

Alarm system

Home computer

Once in a while microwave

Now and then xwimming pool pump

Presure pump 

4.37 kW and 

1.84 Amp

All my devices that can run in my house

I have a gas heater and hob

All my lights in the house is 12V LED running from a separate 12V battery with a trickle charger.

I want to run off  solar during the evening and during the day my dolar panels must charge batteries and run my freezer and fridges

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frankly i feel like you should get in a professional.

what is this in reference to?


4.37 kW and 

1.84 Amp

your panels are potentially a bit undersized for your battery array considering you want it to charge and run during the day time (I assume you want to run the pool also which will basically pull all the panel potential not to mention the fridges and freezer which combined will max the panels also likely), what is that units maximum input? imo you should maybe look at upsizing to a 5kw king with what you want to run.

you will need a fused disconnect on your batteries and a combiner box for your panel inputs.

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How are the 4 panels wired?

If you look at the sticker on the side of the inverter it should also give you a min: and max: Solar voltage.

If the panels are connected individually then you will not have enough voltage to start the Solar Charge Controller.

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