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A Thank You - Thread


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Guys (and maybe a girl or two), I need to say thank you to this forum and it's members... You have no idea how much I have learned in the last few weeks about solar that I wouldn't have found anywhere else, and I really appreciate your efforts and willingness to give out your hard earned (sometimes expensive) lessons to others. I don't normally participate in forums, other than a guest or background watcher, but you have made this fun and informative, and are saving a lot of people money. No matter the choice of kit, I have never watched/participated in another forum where this much information and knowledge is shared so freely, and "almost" without "mine is better than yours" attitude (there are a few side remarks, but they are in jest).

I genuinely wish I had joined this forum before my install, there is an amazing amount to learn.

Then the willingness of other members of this forum to give up their time (and a bit of kit), has also astounded me. It is not "normal" chat room/forum behaviour! And for that I thank you again. I am extremely thankful that I joined you, and hope that I can impart the knowledge that I have as well as you all have.

So a general thank you again to all members/participants - I wish i had some of the Admins dosh to dish out to some members (even the quiet ones) who have gone an extra mile to help out someone that they don't know.

Although all have been helpful, I need to mention at least one or 2:

@Energy - This forum is brilliant and your willingness to listen to suggestions to improve is awesome

@Camel - Seriously, this guy went out of his way (completely) to assist in sourcing equipment, and spending his own time, helping a fellow forum member

@jdp, @Coulomb - And many others (just forgot all the nicknames for now) - Software tips/tricks. I couldn't have gotten anywhere without your shared knowledge and input to this forum. PS: With the amount of knowledge that guys like Coulomb have shared (in a forum that isn't even in his home country), I have to wonder if he has a day job! Where do people like that find the time?

In general to all the software guys - Your friendliness and information sharing is awesome, and I hope you keep it up. We all spend many hours banging away at a keyboard to get something simple working, and give up that time by offering that knowledge gained, free of charge, to others. So just wanted to let you know that even the "Lurkers" appreciate it.

Cheers all, have a great weekend... I have a Victron 702, fuses and breaker to install this weekend thanks to @Camel


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